2 foolproof plans to do with kids in Mallorca

March 16, 2016
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Kids change your whole world, even the way you plan your holidays. That’s why it becomes necessary to find activities for children to not get bored as the same time as to find activities for grownups. If you are from Mallorca or not, we think you will be interested in this post. There’s different ways to make getaways interesting for the kids and today we will show you two foolproof plans that will make you enjoy your stay at the island leaving the children happily exhausted.

Plan 1: Palma Aquarium

Established in 2007 from the well known Coral World Company (owner of three more aquariums in Israel, Australia and United States of America), is located at 500mtrs from the sea, in the area of Playa de Palma. With more than 5 millions of salted water where 8000 specimens of 700 different species lives in, Palma Aquarium offers a good range of activities apart from the visit at the aquarium. For example you can arrange a dinner in one of the rooms. You just have to contact the events department and they will arrange it for you. Now, of course, is not for free.

You also have the opportunity of swimming with a group of sharks at the deepest tank of all Europe. The activity costs 150 euros and if you book through the website you will get some advantages. Without a doubt, it’s an unforgettable experience.

For more information and to plan ahead, we recommend you to visit: http://palmaaquarium.com

When: Monday to Friday (open 365 days) from 10h to 15:30h. Weekends and Bank Holidays from 10h to 17:30h.

How much: NON-RESIDENTS Adults 21.50 euros / Children from 4 to 12 yrs 14 euros / Children up to 3 yrs FREE. RESIDENTS Adults 18 euros / Children from 4 to 12 yrs 12 euros / Children up to 3 yrs FREE.

Where: Calle Manuel de los Herreros i Sorà, 21 07610 Palma.

Plan 2: la Reserva del Puig de Galatzó

La Reserva Puig de Galatzó is a vegetated nature reserve with an area of 2.5 million m2 located at the heart of Serra of Tramuntana (World Heritage Site of the UNESCO from 2011) at the bottom of Puig of Galatzó. You will be able to rekindle old tales of Comte Mal, the late owner of the land on the XVII century, through waterfalls and centenary history of this wonderful nature reserve. There are sport activities available such as climbing, suspension bridges and zip lines.  Also, there’s an events service who can arrange your little ones birthday surrounded by the nature, a far more original as well of beneficial idea than other options may offer. It also has a bar area and barbecues for grownups to enjoy their relaxing moments meanwhile the kids do some activities; don’t forget to bring your swimsuit on summer to enjoy and get refreshed with the privileged view of the swimming pool.

The itinerary you can go through is about 3.5 km so you better use trainers and good socks as we can assure you the land is not a flat one. Also, we can guaranty you a quiet night as the children will be utterly exhausted.

We recommend you to check their website to plan your tour (you will find maps and activities you can do) http://lareservamallorca.com

When: Monday to Sunday from 10h to 18h (ticket window close 2 hours before closing the park at 16h).

How much: NON-RESIDENTS Adults 14 euros / Children from 4 to 12 yrs 7 euros / Children up to 3 yrs FREE. RESIDENTS 10% disccount.

WHERE: Land Son Net s/n 07194 Puigpunyent, Sierra de Tramuntana.

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