2 ways to enjoy Sa Calobra

May 11, 2016
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It’s no doubt. All travelers that have visited Mallorca think this excursion is indispensable. Tourists and residents surrender to the beauty of Sa Calobra, a little beach located in Escorca and surrounded by the immensity of la Serra de Tramuntana.

Sa Calobra is a pebble beach which is protected all around by very high cliffs, part of two mountains. It gives the sensation that these landforms were divided on purpose to make this paradise on land, which is reachable by anyone. From there, visitors can walk to the beautiful river mouth of Torrent de Pareis.

This visit can be done in 2 different ways. Today we explain both options so you can choose the one that adapts better to you needs, though we recommend you to do both if it’s possible.

- Sa Calobra by road

Hold tight because it’s going to be a curvy road. If you normally get dizzy in difficult roads when riding a car, we suggest you take a sea sickness pill to avoid dizziness. The road that goes from Port de Soller to Sa Calobra is formed by about 4Km of 80 degree twisting curves thought by the italian engineer Paretti in 1932. The story of this almost impossible road sais that the engineer declined to build a tunnel and looked for a less aggressive way to create an access between Soller and Sa Calobra. There is a very important curve known as “tie knot”, as it’s 360 degrees which test even the most professional drivers. That is why we suggest you go with plenty of time and have patience.

Once you have travelled through those infernal (for those who get dizzy) and exciting (for the more daring) 4 Km, you will be at the end and you will be able to park your car in a special parking for visitors. You will also be able to have lunch in one of the few restaurants that are there or as an alternative you can have a picnic on the beach.

- Sa Calobra by sea

This is the second option that we suggest to get to the wonderful Calobra. We won’t lie, the beauty of the cliffs that surround the beach is incredible, but it has a price. They are normally organized excursions that leave from Soller. There are a variety of them and that is why we recommend to first have a look on the internet to get a slight idea about the price range. Normally prices go from 25 to 30 euros per adult person, return. Most of the excursions stop first in Cala Tuent, famous because it’s one of the few virgin beaches left in Mallorca.

When you have arrived to Sa calobra you will understand why it has been one of the places that has artistically inspired famous artists that have resided in the island. The contrast of the colours in the water and the immensity of the rocks that surround it will make you forget the effort to get there.


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