August 05, 2015
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Are you on vacation in Mallorca enjoying one of our Sealand Villas? You should take advantage of your stay on the island to explore one of its three natural parks.

S'Albufera d'Alcúdia. The largest wetland on the island, s'Albufera, is 1,700 hectares of lowland located between Port d'Alcudia and Can Picafort (in the Bay of Alcudia). To access, please request a visit permit (free) at the reception centre.

Mondragó. This park’s 785 hectares are home to a rich variety of ecosystems: beaches, rocky coastline, small dunes, lagoons, Mediterranean scrubland, pine forests, traditional crops and many species of flora and fauna. The sea, Mondragó’s main attraction, offers visitors the opportunity of swimming in S'Amarador beach, one of the most spectacular on the island, as well as discovering the marine species that inhabit it.

Sa Dragonera. The two smaller islands, Isla Mediana and Es Pantaleu, were declared a natural park in 1995. The park, with an area of ​​288 hectares, is ideal for hiking and nature watching (sea birds, endemic crustaceans, the largest colony of sea hawks, two hundred species of plants...). The island has an information centre that offers visitors a small guide with four marked routes and the location of the cove where they can swim.

In addition to these areas, Mallorca has the islet of Cabrera, a maritime-terrestrial national park, and 49 natural areas of special interest and protection, as well as a score of public rural estates.

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