3 plans just for adults in Mallorca

June 11, 2016
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More and more there are new entertainment options that leave aside the little ones from the house. Some people will think that it isn’t necessary, though we can also find some that have the opinion that it is about time that they can stay in an only-adults hotel.

Kids are wonderful, though it is true that the only ones allowed to say that during the 24h of the day are their parents. The rest of us adore spending some time with a kid, taking him to the beach or to the fun fair, but it gets hard when the kid starts to be tired or bored. The “children not allowed” (which inevitably reminds us a bit to “no dogs allowed”) is becoming a very popular adult entertainment offer with an increasing market niche due to couple’s decisions to have kids rather later than sooner. The Balearic Islands and specifically Mallorca have become the leaders in this sector inside Spain. Big hotel chains have concentrated in this client profile and there is already a wide offer available.

Today we suggest 3 special plans that are thought for only for adults. Those that can’t stand the kids crying in a restaurant will appreciate these plans.

1. Treatments at Pure Salt Garonda

Specialized for many years in adult tourism, the Pure Salt Garonda hotel, located on Palma Beach, receives tourists from all over the world that seek a peaceful vacation without having to dodge water balloons at the poolside. We suggest you visit their relaxing and wellness area in which you can surprise your partner or even yourself with a beauty treatment or a relaxing experience. They offer many different types of massages: from Swedish massage, through foot reflexology to a scalp massage known as MurdaTalia that will help reduce your face wrinkles and make your hair stronger and shinier.

What: Spa in hotel Pure Salt Garonda.

When: Check available dates on the hotel’s website.

How much: it depends on the treatment, but we can already say that it won’t be cheap.

Where: Crta. Arenal, 28 07610 Playa de Palma, Mallorca.

Telephone: 971 014 040.

2. Tasting Menu at Arrels

Arrels restaurant situated in the recently remodeled Gran Meliá de Mar Hotel, in Illetes, counts from the beginning of 2016 with the chef Marga Coll, owner of the prestigious Miceli restaurant in Selva. This restaurant has been for a while part of the “only adults” trend (just like most of the Meliá chain hotels). You can enjoy two different tasting menus (short and long duration) which are served only for dinner, from 19:30. The best time to visit this restaurant is during the summer so you are able to enjoy the incredible terrace that has been reformed this year and according to many travelers, is one of the most beautiful in the island. With the Illetes beaches as the background, Arrels has very good reviews in which the quality of the service and the taste and originality of their dishes is highlighted.

What: Restaurant Arrels.

When: from Tuesday till Saturday from 19:30 till 22:30 (that is the limit time to get a table).

How much: excellent value for money, though consider it a special treat.

Where: Paseo de las Illetes, 7, 07184.

Telephone: 971 40 25 11.

3. Hypnosis at Barroco Cafe

Barroco Café, located in Palma’s old town, is well known for its leisure nights, between which we highlight the hypnosis night. If you are skeptical about these types of things we suggest you go to one of these sessions. The atmosphere is fun and there aren’t normally many kids. You can have a mallorquin Pa amb Oli for dinner and meanwhile you can enjoy the show. We assure that at least you will be left with an open jaw (even if it’s just for the taste of the sobrasada that comes with the Pa amb Oli). Don’t leave without tasting their delicious homemade desserts or their sangria (be careful because it will make you tipsy quite quickly).

What: group hypnosis at Cafe Barroco.

When: make a phone call to check because the day changes a lot due to the availability of the showman.

How much: about 15-20€ per person.

Where: Carrer de Margalida Caimari, 17 07005. Palma.

Telephone: 871 95 26 19.

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