5 dishes you have to try during your holiday in Lanzarote

June 29, 2018
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You can not say that you have traveled to Lanzarote if you haven’t tried their food. The Food and the traditional dishes reflect much of the character of a people and their way of life. Next we will explain some of its typical dishes both to taste in a restaurant and to prepare in your villa in Lanzarote.


1.- “Papas arrugadas”

One of the most, if not the most, typical dishes of Lanzarote. “Papas” is the local name for potatoes, small potatoes cooked in salt and whose skin, when they come into contact with air, wrinkles, hence the name. They are usually accompanied by a few “mojos” or sauces for dipping; a green mojo - with cilantro - and a red mojo - with red pepper. As you can see it is a dish of simple processing and is therefore perfect to prepare at our home holiday in Lanzarote.


2.- “Gofio”

Gofio is a fundamental dish in the history of the Canary Islands, which was already consumed by indigenous peoples, and is a hallmark of their culture. Gofio is made from toasted cereal flour, usually corn or wheat, which is used in various food preparations. Its peculiar flavor makes it an ideal food for those seeking to discover new tastes during their trip to Lanzarote. You will be for sure surprised by the huge variety of local dishes with gofio in them.


3.- Fish

Although it sounds very generic, you should not return from your holiday in Lanzarote without trying one of their fresh fish. Among the best known fish we have the sardines, crazy hake or tuna - only for a few months of the year. For those who want to discover fish from the area we recommend: the cherne, la vieja, or la sama. Usually the fish is accompanied by wrinkled potatoes with mojo, so you can kill two birds with one stone. Although they are not fish, we can not resist to recommend that you try the limpets and grilled Octopus. Both, of course, served with mojo.


4.- Goat meat

Lamb and goat meat is very typical of the area. Although at first it may surprise you, on the island they are experts in the preparation of this meat and they make it a real delicacy. A different experience to tell when you come back from your holidays in Lanzarote and they ask you what you have eaten.


5.- “Bienmesabe”

Bienmesabe is a dessert that literally means: It tastes good. It contains almonds, sugar, eggs and lemon and has a thick, creamy texture. If you are not convinced by this proposal, you can try any dessert with gofio.


Oh, and don’t forget to buy bananas from the Canary Islands to eat in your villa in Lanzarote. Delicious!


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