5 foolproof tricks to fight heat during your vacations

June 15, 2016
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The warm weather is only just starting but we can already sense that this summer is going to be quite hot. Some people say that they prefer the winter as for them if it’s cold they can just wear more layers, but if they’re hot…the only layer left we can take off is our skin, and you have surely thought about that more than once.

It’s during this time when the biggest touristic influx happens, especially and logically towards places that will help relieve the smothering heat. Sun and beach destinations are the most popular during the summer months, though even if you are surrounded by the sea you shouldn’t stop worrying about the heat.

Today we will explain 5 tricks that work like a charm which will make those smothering hot days easier to get through. With these tricks you will pass from being a heat victim to have a laugh when it comes. Some of them will sound obvious, but stop and think how many times you actually put them to practice. That is why we thought of giving you a reminder.

1. Drink a lot of water

This is one of the ones that sound obvious, but how many times have you realized that you hadn’t even drank a glass of water during the whole morning. Between a 50% and a 65% of our body is made out of water. You can imagine what happens to that percentage during the summer. Indeed it gets reduced and that translates in our body starting to suffer dehydration symptoms. We can avoid getting to that point by drinking between 2 and 3 litres of water a day. Don’t wait till you are thirsty to drink water.

2. Though the water musn’t be cold

Forget about that false myth that sais cold water is the solution for thirstiness. It’s not like that. In order to replace the liquids that we lose during the day through sweat you must drink room temperature water. This is because when we drink cold water it is absorbed very fast by our digestive tract and so it doesn’t have time to reach our skin to regulate the corporal temperature. When we drink room temperature water, we allow it to be absorbed by our organism little by little, regulating our own temperature and consequently, calming the heat feeling.

3. Sleep dressed, and with cotton

We all know that it is very tempting to sleep just how we arrived to this world on those really hot days. What we may not all know is that if we sleep naked we don’t let the humidity evaporate (which is caused by sweating during the night) that is produced between the bed sheets, the mattress and our body. That is why it’s recommended to sleep with a cotton pyjama, to favor this transpiration.

4. Don’t eat too much

When we are on holidays our eating habits are seriously in danger. We normally get back to the office with a couple more kilos which are gained because of the “it’s ok, I’m on holiday” thought. However, be careful with food during the summer. Even if by eating lighter food we will avoid that weight gain we will also feel fresher and lighter. ¿The explanation? The digestion process. When we are digesting a hearty meal our corporal temperature heightens (also making us sleepy) and so it makes us feel hotter. The best thing you can do is eat food rich in mineral salts that will help replace the ones that you lose when you sweat (fruits, salads, juices…).

5. If you dress with dark clothes, change your look

Nothing attracts heat more than a dark fabric. Dark colours are dark just because they absorb all the light and in the same way they absorb the thermal radiation. That is why it’s convenient to dress with light clothing, light coloured and with natural materials during the hottest days. This way we will avoid sweating more than we have to.

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