How about a romantic getaway to Majorca?

February 02, 2019
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Majorca is perfect for all kinds of getaways: both to enjoy the party and the night with friends and to do all kinds of excursions to the mountain and to the beach with the smallest members of the family. As well, if you want to spend quality time with your partner, it is also worthwhile to travel to Majorca.


A little love nest: a villa in Majorca

First and foremost, the choice of where to stay is key.  And, to be right or yes in a romantic getaway, in our search for accommodation there must prioritize two fundamental concepts: intimacy and the “wow” effect.

There is no doubt that a peaceful and romantic environment generates in the couple that same state. It is inconceivable to try to create an atmosphere of complicity and tenderness in a noisy and crowded place. This climate of intimacy is impossible in places as crowded as a hotel and instead we recommend renting a holiday home in Majorca. The advantages are unquestionable, first we will have a whole house for us alone, where we can plan, or spontaneously arise, romantic moments. In addition the villas in Majorca are usually a bit away from the busy areas of the island, but not too far away so that when we want to go to them we won’t get lazy.

On the other hand we have the “wow” effect, and it is that staying in a villa in Majorca is another level. The feeling of luxury, of amplitude, of something special that transmits to us a villa does not provide it by far a hotel room or an apartment. Just having a swimming pool and private garden clearly reflects the extent to that we speak of another level.


Do you want to celebrate an anniversary or an unforgettable Valentine’s Day? Imagine yourself with your partner in your villa in Majorca, enjoying a wonderful evening with candlelight. Besides, if you wish, Sealand Villas offers you a catering service with a private chef; That will not only produce a delicious menu, but also to take care of from the cleaning of the kitchen to bring the crockery, furniture, decoration and everything necessary for the evening to come out perfectly.

We take care so that you can devote all the time of your holiday in Majorca to enjoy with your partner.


And remember, Love is in the villa.


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