Advantages of renting a villa in Majorca for groups

July 04, 2019
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There is a saying: "two is company, three is multitude". This proverb is not valid if you have decided to enjoy your holidays in Majorca with your family or a group of friends, Especially if you have chosen to rent a villa in Majorca as a place to stay. Renting a cottage in Majorca is by far the best choice for many reasons that we will explain below.


Share space with your loved ones without feeling constricted

The spaciousness of a villa in Majorca avoids you the squeezes of a hotel or an apartment. A villa offers you large common spaces where you can enjoy moments of fun with your family or friends, without giving up moments of intimacy and tranquillity for yourself.

If you rent a holiday home in Mallorca, you can have a barbecue by the pool or sit on the sofas in a large lounge and tell the anecdotes you have experienced in Mallorca. If you travel with children, your garden and private swimming pool área is an ideal place for children to have fun and unleash all the tireless energy they have at this age. You don't have to worry and keep the children under constant observation. Enjoy your holidays in a relaxed way.


Travel comfortable

A rented holiday home in Mallorca facilitates the logistics of the journey considerably.  You don't have to travel loaded with suitcases,. A feeling that parents who travel with children unfortunately know well. In a villa you have a washing machine, so you don't have to take suitcases full of clothes with you. If you rent one of our villas, you will also have towels for the swimming pool, which we will provide for you.

At Sealand Villas we also offer extras for families with small children such as: baby seats, cots, high chairs, stair doors, etc. to make your stay in our villas even more comfortable and safe.


Enjoy the tranquillity and relax

Most of our villas are located in remote places where you can enjoy peace and relaxation. You can also celebrate parties without fear of being disturbed or disturbing others. It is a luxury to find these qualities in a touristic area like Majorca. If you rent one of our villas, you will appreciate exactly this luxury. Due to the size of the island, this does not mean that you are isolated from the outside world. Majorca has a wonderful infrastructure so you can enjoy the best of both worlds as you like it.


When you travel to Majorca as a group or family, there are many arguments for renting a villa. You have no time constraints, you have your own private area and can organise your holiday as you wish.

Would you like to spend your luxury holiday in one of our beautiful villas?



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