Alaro Castle: unique place · wonderful views

February 03, 2020
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Alaró is a quiet interior town located in the western part of Majorca, in a valley south of the Serra de Tramuntana. In this place, among the tramuntana mountains are hidden ruins of great Alaró Castle.

The Village of Alaro

Alaro is a beautiful and historical village with narrow stone streets. Here you can take a pleasant walk and enjoy an ice cream from the popular ice cream parlour in the main square of the village. Alaro is only half an hour drive from Pollensa or Palma. The village is also a popular area for cycling, as the Serra de Tramuntana is nearby. However, the main attraction of the area is without doubt the castle of Alaró. A must see, especially for those who want to enjoy outdoor activities during their trip to Mallorca.

History of Alaró Castle

The castle of Alaró is located on the top of a mountain, the Puig d' Alaró, with a height of over 820 metres.

The difficulty of reaching made it a practically impregnable castle. It is a rock castle, first mentioned in a document in 902, according to writings from the time of the Muslim invasion.

The name "Roquero" is due to the fact that it was built in conjunction with the natural orography of the mountain, using the shape of the rock. During the Catalan conquest by King Jaume I in 1229, some Muslims fled to the mountains and sought refuge in the castle of Alaro.

Where the staircase begins, in one of the stones you can see the imprint of a horse's hoof. Legend has it that King Jaume I's horse made this imprint when the king rose and advanced against the enemies.

The present ruins, which are entered through a fortified door, date from the 15th century.

There is a perfectly signposted path for the ascent to the castle, if you choose the easy route.

·      It is advisable to climb on a clear day so that you can enjoy the spectacular view in all its glory.

·      Wear shoes and comfortable clothes. Closed shoes, no flip-flops as the pebbles on the path can be slippery.

·      Calculate one day for the excursion. There is also the possibility to stay overnight in a small inn. Next to the castle there is an accommodation with a large dormitory for up to 30 guests.

Halfway to Alaro Castle you will find the rustic restaurant Es Verger, where you can try delicious slow-roasted lamb dishes. If you do not wish to eat at Es Verger, we recommend that you have a meal beforehand. The castle is located in a very remote area.

The guesthouse, Castell d'Alaró, also has a cafeteria with a limited menu, but where you can enjoy typical Mallorcan products such as "pa amb oli" while enjoying the landscape on the terrace.

One Castle, Three Routes

The way to the castle is perfectly signposted. As we mentioned above, the castle is located on the top of the mountain, so you have to expect an ascent. Depending on whether you go up by car, bike or on foot, the route will change.

First Possibility: Alaro Castle Walk

The tour takes about 2 hours to 2:30 hours and starts in the village. This is the ideal choice for those who want to do sports during their holidays in Mallorca. Most of the routes are along a narrow road, not always asphalted, which can also be travelled by car or bicycle.

Halfway along the way you will find a sign indicating a shortcut to get to the castle in 35 minutes. The shortcut leads us through a narrow forest path that meanders up to the castle. The only disadvantage of this shortcut is that it is more irregular and slippery than the long path, so it is not recommended for everyone.

Second possibility:

Probably the most popular. It is a mixture of hiking and driving. You can easily drive from your villa in Mallorca to the car park of the restaurant Es Verger. There you can first have a traditional Majorcan meal. From the restaurant it is about 50 minutes walk to the castle.

Third possibility:

Drive the whole distance to a parking lot almost on top of the mountain by car. From there it is only about 20 minutes walk. However, it is not recommended to choose this route, firstly the road narrows considerably in the last section and secondly it is not advisable to park the car there.

Once you arrive, you can see the ruins of Alaró Castle, of which some parts of the walls and some towers are still standing. But the really spectacular thing, more than the castle itself, is the view. From there, one has a breathtaking view to the valley and the Serra de Tramuntana.

And if you want to enjoy more wonderful viewpoints, you should definitely read the list of the best viewpoints on Mallorca.

So what are you waiting for? Choose comfortable clothes and shoes, don't forget water and sunscreen! Just enjoy this magnificent view!

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