Almond trees in flower, spring in winter in Majorca

January 16, 2019
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Among the incentives to travel to Majorca in winter, being the main one to enjoy the island avoiding the overcrowding of the summer months, is to be able to enjoy the beauty of the almond trees in full bloom.

On the island there are two varieties of almond trees: The bitter almond, of pink flower, and the sweet almond tree, of white flower.


The best routes to enjoy the blossoming of the almond tree

The beauty of these almond trees is such that excursions are organized, some from places as far away as Germany, to contemplate them. Although there are many routes to contemplate the almond trees in flower the most important areas are:

- The central area of the island: Around Marratxí, Santa Maria, Bunyola, Lloseta or Selva, just to mention a few. In this area, thanks to its microclimate, is concentrated the largest production of almonds in Majorca.

- The Southeastern zone: in municipalities such as Manacor, Son Servera or Sant Llorenç.

- The Sierra de Tramontana: Where the combination of almond trees in bloom with the rocky landscape, the mountain range has been named World Heritage, it will leave the lucky spectator to contemplate amazed.


The routes can be made by car, by bicycle and on foot. In addition, for those who decide to travel to Majorca at this time with children, there is a wide offer destined to the youngest of the family. With Forest tours designed for all ages and excursions to the Sierra de Tramontana designed for family. So there is no excuse for not enjoying any of these routes during your holiday in Majorca.


The Almond and Majorca

In addition to the sense of sight, we can also enjoy the almond trees with the sense of taste. Since the almond is very linked to the traditional island gastronomy, the variety of mallorcan almonds is distinguished by its great quality. Therefore, the lucky ones who decide to spend their holidays in Majorca will be able to taste a lot of delicious dishes made with almonds. But among all the dishes stand out the desserts and, among them, we emphasize the gató, a kind of almond sponge, that is usually served accompanied by a ball of ice cream, also of almonds. If we need to refresh ourselves, in addition to an ice cream, we can also savour the typical Majorcan almond slush.


Now just imagine yourself comfortably installed in your villa in Majorca tasting with your family or your partner an almond gató. If that is not the paradise it is sure that it approaches much.


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