Almudaina Palace

September 30, 2019
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An indispensable visit for those who have decided to travel to Mallorca is to visit the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca (La Seu). But what you may not know is the huge stone palace next to the cathedral. The Almudaina Palace: How about discovering it a little more?


The history of the Almudaina palace

The construction of this palace dates from the 14th century, starting from a Muslim fortress, although the upper floor was only built two centuries later. This architectural difference between the two floors is also reflected in the decoration.

From the Royal Palace of Almudaina, also known as the Royal Palace of Palma de Mallorca, stand out the interior courtyard of the King and Queen, the Gothic Chapel of Santa Ana and the Throne Room.


Interetsting facts of the Almudaina Palace

The Almudaina Palace is today one of the residences of the Spanish royal family. For this reason, certain areas of the palace are not open to the public. Visiting hours are from tuesday to sunday from 10 am - 6 pm in the winter and until 8 pm in the summer (April to October) .

One of the great attractions of the palace, besides the building itself, is the incredible view from the outside terrace. From a privileged perspective, the promenade with Bellver Castle can be seen in the background.

Another special feature of the palace is the angel that crowns one of the towers. Also called "Tower of the Angel". This bronze sculpture is a representation of the Archangel Gabriel, who is equipped with a cross in a long tunic. Don't forget to pay attention to these details.

A rather unknown fact is that on the last Saturdays of the month - with the exception of July and August - a changing of the guard in front of the Almudaina Palace takes place from 12 noon (if the weather permits). This ceremony is reminiscent of the original palace guard of the infantry regiment of Palma. The soldiers of this guard are dressed in the uniforms of the seventeenth century. They are accompanied by the sound of flutes and drums. In July and August the schedule changes, the ceremony is postponed to 19:30, and a second season takes place on the first Thursday after the 10th.


So, on the day you decide to visit the old town of Palma from your villa in Mallorca, take the opportunity to discover the Almudaina Palace.


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