July 30, 2015
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Mallorca has numerous traditions associated with its festivities: activities full of symbolism and a great deal of fun. The joy of sharing and participating in social events makes this beautiful Mediterranean island a charming place to discover while on holiday.

Among the figures present at theses pagan, religious and historical celebrations, we should highlight the dimoni (demon), responsible for causing the ruckus, especially by dramatically chasing the little ones along the streets.

Els Cossiers are a dance group made up of five men, a lady and a demon, which is defeated by the lady at the end of the choreographies. Also worth seeing are Els Cavallets, a group of dancers who imitate a horse’s trot, adding music and entertainment to some of the island’s most popular festivals.

The Moors and Christians festival is held in Sóller and Pollença, and is also an event that should not be missed. The protagonists are the town’s inhabitants, who re-enact an ancient battle in a fun and spectacular manner.

Foguerons are also a key element in Mallorcan celebrations. On the eve of Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià, these large bonfires illuminate a large part of the island, lit to celebrate and toast bread and meats, followed by dancing and singing around the fire.

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