Andratx: the perfect mix

November 15, 2017
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Andratx is a municipality located west of Mallorca, at the western end of the Serra de Tramuntana, and it is one of the places you should not miss during your holidays in Mallorca.

The town of Andratx is one of the oldest on the island and, nowadays, it welcomes a large number of residents from other countries who have been captive by its picturesque rustic beauty. Andratx is not a city anchored in the past, since it is also famous for its modern art galleries and its restaurants at the forefront of gastronomy.


Andratx and its privileged situation

Andratx is located only 30 km from the capital, Palma. Also, as in Mallorca everything is close, you will not find it difficult to reach it from your villa in Mallorca.

Port d'Andratx is located 5 km from the city, where you can find wonderful beaches with transparent waters. Some must-see: Cala Moragues, Cala Llam and Cala d'Egos.

And, if all these were not enough, it is perfectly connected to the islet of Sa Dragonera, a Natural Park since 1995.


Andratx: The perfect mix

In recent decades the number of foreign residents has increased significantly. This cultural mix has endowed Andratx with a cosmopolitan atmosphere full of life. In Andratx, tradition is mixed with the most varied and modern leisure.

The best example of this mixture is found on the seafront where, while we find the fish market and tradition, we can enjoy shops, restaurants and terraces full of life.

The orography also offers us the perfect mix, because it combines the best of Mallorca: beaches and mountains with Caribbean-style coves and the spectacular rocky Serra de Tramuntana.

If you are fond of golf you can enjoy not one but two magnificent golf courses: The "Golf de Andratx" course and, a short distance away, the "Camp de Mar" course.


The Dragonera Island

Sa Dragonera deserves a special mention: this area and the Natural Park have an incredible flora and fauna.

In Sa Dragonera you can also enjoy its defense towers, built to monitor possible pirate raids, and its lighthouses, such as Es Far Vell ("the Old lighthouse").

After all this, it is not difficult to understand why many visitors, after travelling to Mallorca, have decided to stay and live in Andratx.


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