Art in Lanzarote

May 16, 2019
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In addition to enjoying the beaches, the good weather, the party and food you can also take advantage of our holidays in Lanzarote to improve your culture. As you will see from the list of museums and art houses below, culture does not have to mean that we will be bored visiting them when we travel to Lanzarote.


Museo Atlántico

The clear proof that visiting a museum can be an exciting adventure. We are talking about the only museum in Europe that is located UNDER THE WATER. This museum, made up of a set of sculptural compositions, is located at a depth of 12 metres creating an artificial reef and, to visit it, we will have to wear a diving suit, which will be provided to us at the official diving centre. The museum is located near Puerto del Carmen, and is an ideal place to rent a villa in Lanzarote.


Jameos del Agua

This is a natural space and an art center located within a volcanic tunnel, 6 km long, in the northern part of the island. In the same tunnel is ‘la Cueva de los Verdes’ - the Cave of the Greens, another jewel that we should not miss during our holidays in Lanzarote. The word “jameo” refers to a hole caused by the fall of the roof of a volcanic tunnel. As it is logical, the Jameos del Agua are located next to the nearest extreme to the coast. From this natural structure, the artist César Manrique has created a unique space that brims with peace and harmony.


International Museum of Contemporary Art

This museum is worth a visit both for the works it contains and for the place where they are contained. This museum is located in the military fortress of the Castle of San José, in Arrecife.


Cactus Garden

This impressive garden, also created by the artist César Manrique, is home to 450 species of cactus. A whole chromatic spectacle in which the green of the cactus contrasts with the black of the volcano and the blue of the sky. The museum is located in Teguise, just 25km from Puerto del Carmen, another reason why we should rent our holiday home in Lanzarote in that place.


As a last recommendation, although it cannot be considered exactly a museum, we suggest the Mirador del Río. From this viewpoint, located almost 500m above sea level in the northernmost part of Lanzarote, we will be able to enjoy the most spectacular panoramic views of the whole island.


Travel to Lanzarote and enjoying a little bit of culture? Why not?


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