March 15, 2019
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Under this name, which names both the town and its municipality, is hidden a small paradise with its own character. It is full of tradition and has managed to stay further away from mass tourism than other areas of the island. An area undoubtedly worth discovering during your holidays in Majorca.


Situation and characteristics

We are talking about a small area of about 140km², with about 25km² of coastline, located in the northeast part of the island. Thanks to its location, which is a little away from the most exploited areas, and its commitment to promote tourism respectful of the environment, in Artà we can find some of the most beautiful landscapes of the island. This makes it a perfect area to rent a villa in Majorca, as it offers us peace, a more authentic view of the island and dream environment. Nevertheless, we still have a stone’s throw away the most visited areas, so we do not have to give them up.


What to see in Artà

The village of Artà is like a concentrated drop of the essence of the area. Tradition appears behind every corner, with the parish church of ‘Transfiguració del Senyor’ and the walled enclosure of Sant Salvador as its main exponents.

To reach the Santuari de Sant Salvador fortress, there is a 180-step climb up to the entrance to the sanctuary. But it will certainly be worth the effort, not only for the sanctuary itself, but for the breathtaking views. This sanctuary is one of the great attractions for those who decide to travel to Majorca, so we can not fail to recommend the visit.

The surroundings of the village of Artà are not wasted either. Nearby are villages like Cala Ratjada and Cala Bona, more oriented towards tourism, but with beaches as impressive as Cala Agulla. A white sand beach with transparent waters of more than 500 meters long. Also nearby is the fishing village Colonia de Sant Pere which offers us a more traditional and restful experience than the previous ones. Not far away you can find also the famous Drac Caves, which are just as impressive and are worth a trip from your holiday home in Majorca.


We hope that we have helped you to discover a part of Majorca that is more unknown but undoubtedly more authentic and not so oriented towards tourism. A perfect area to rent your villa in Majorca.


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