The best Pa amb olis (bread with oil) of Palma

March 17, 2016
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If you know someone Mallorquin, Its probably safe to say that you are familiar with the Mallorcan dish that is served for any occasion, day or hour. That is exactly what Pa amb Oli (literal translation is bread with oil) is, bread with oil. However, it´s not just any bread or just any oil. It is a food whose origin dates back to the village farmers of Mallorca, where they combined a loaf of bread with oil and locally produced sausages or cold cuts produced from the ¨Matanzas Mallorquinas¨ (Mallorcan slaughterings).

A good Pa amb Oli can´t be eaten just anywhere though, that´s why today we´re going to share with you three of the best local Palma spots where you can go to try this simple but exquisite delicacy of the island.

A Mano

With an original decor, this small restaurant (located in Palma´s oldest neighborhood) serves some Pa amb Olis worthy of curing any case of the hiccups. If you go in a group or are several people dining, consider sharing. Especially because this restaurant doesn´t hold back with its portions. During the weekend the restaurant is typically full, so it´s highly recommended to call in advance and reserve a table.

What: Try their sangria, it´s delicious.

When: from Monday to Saturday from 13:30 to 16h and from 20h to 00:30h; Sundays from 20h to 00:30.

How much: between 15-20 Euros per person.

Where: Carrer Sant Magí, 70 - 07013 Palma.  

Sa Llimona

Almost right next to our first recommendation. you will find our second. So if you´re interested in trying both, we won´t make you walk very far. It got its name thanks to the lemon tree that was found inside of the restaurant. The restaurant is a large but cozy space where you can enjoy a dinner of the delicious Pa amb Oli or combine it with a succulent salad accompanied by a nice glass of good wine, for example. There is also a beautiful terrace, open exclusively during the Summer season.

What: it is essential that you try their warm toast with sobrasada, accompanied by honey and goat cheese.

When: every day of the week from 18:30h to 24h.

How much: around 20 Euros per person.

Where: Carrer Sant Magí, 80 - 07013 Palma.


Hidden within the small street crossings of the very centric street of Bonaire, you will find the restaurant S´esponja. S´esponja´s main claim is its thoughtful decoration. It has a modern style, with romantic touches, and of course its famous Pa amb Oli. Another fun fact is that it is said to not only offer a very attentive service, but also have the Islands most attractive staff.

What: apart from the Pa amb Oli with ham and pan moreno (typical Mallorcan bread), their mushroom cous-cous is incredible.

When: from Tusday to Sunday.

How much: about 15 Euros per person.

Where: Carrer Metge Mates, 2.

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