Caló des Moro: a natural pool

November 30, 2018
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Caló des Moro located just 20 kilometres from Cala d'Or, an ideal area to rent a villa in Majorca, is a different beach that is worth discovering during your holiday in Majorca.


How to get to Caló des Moro

Caló des Moro is located in the southeastern part of Majorca, a few kilometres from the town of Santanyí. Although the cove is worth it, the truth is that its access is not the easiest, below we will try to give two fundamental keys to take into account to facilitate the visit and to enjoy the day without any mistimes.


The first recommendation, and even more so in summer, is to arrive early. The cove is not very big and usually fill up quickly, so you better get out soon from your holiday home in Majorca.

The second point to take into consideration is its accessibility, on the one hand you can not reach the cove by car. There is a small parking lot at the entrance, which is easily filled. In addition you have to walk for 20 minutes until you reach the cove; And once we get to the coast, you have to go down a pretty steep stone staircase and walk along the rocks until you reach the cove.Therefore it is recommended to wear a suitable footwear, avoid the slippers, and not go very loaded with bags and junk.


The spectacular nature of the cove

Although the access is not the strong point of Caló des Moro, the beach is one of the most special of all the island, especially because of its peculiar shape, reminiscent of a huge swimming pool. Nestled between two huge rocks, the beach has a length of about 40 meters, surrounded by pines and low shrubs. The water, crystalline with a turquoise tone, incites to dive in it and confers a magical and unreal touch to the place. No doubt the difficulties of access will bemore than rewarded to all who decide to approach to discover this unique cove.


Moreover, around Caló des Moro there is much more to see and do. The nearest town, Santanyí, is a town full of charm and closely linked to art, with numerous galleries to visit. We can also visit the Natural Park of Ses Salines, and another beautiful cove, which is less than 10km, Cala Llombards. Not forgetting Cala d'Or, where we can enjoy a complete holiday experience.


You want to take a dip on the beach, don't you? 


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