December 10, 2015
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Among all the wonders that Majorca offers, we cannot overlook two of the best-known houses on the island: Can Lis and Can Feliz.

 Two houses designed by the Danish architect JornUtzon (Copenhagen, 1918- Copenhagen, 2008), one of the most reputable architects of the twentieth century Utzon undertook his training in Denmark as well as in other countries. One of his best-known works and in which he invested much of his professional life is the building of the opera of Sydney that intervened between the years 1956 and 1966. Fruit of this labor Utzon became the first representative of the architecture of the so-called Third Generation. An artistic flair formed by great architects with a great social orientation and integration-architecture environment. Features very present in the works of Utzon.

After leaving the construction of the Opera House, the architect stopped by Majorca. The Island attracted him immensely, and decided to build a summer villa. He built it on a cliff on the south coast, close to a fishing village in the outskirts of Porto Petro (Santanyi). Utzon decided to call the house  Can Lis, in honor of his wife. In 1994, he was forced to leave the shelter that had become a place of pilgrimage for the architects from all over the world.

In 1994, Utzon decided to build a new home far from the coast. A house that few know its history, very close to s'Horta of Felanitx, is known by the name of Can Feliz. A magical place that provided Utzon an asylum from which you can also admire the sea under the gaze of the impressive castle deSantueri, in the valley of Calonge (Santanyi).

Can Feliz and especially Can Lis are considered two contemporary architecture jewels, not only for its beauty but for its harmony with the environment and the uniqueness of the beautiful island of Majorca.

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