Poetic visit to Cap de Formentor

May 04, 2016
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Today we propose a very special visit. It is a place filled with natural magic and many illustrious people have enjoyed it. The beautiful northern area of Mallorca invites you to explore the Cap de Formentor, a place you will never forget.

Considered one of the most important natural symbols of Mallorca, Cap de Formentor is a place of immense beauty that will delight even the most skeptical people. To be surrounded by the immensity of its cliffs is one of the pleasures that mallorquin people can always enjoy.

Cap de Formentor is the peninsula situated most up north of the island, and it is the result of the union between the end of the Sierra de Tramuntana with the Mediterranean Sea. It is known between the residents as the ‘meeting point of the four winds’. Its name is literally translated to ‘the end of Formentor’.

To get to the peak is a success, but in this case it comes with beautiful views as part of the effort. The 20 km of winding road (be careful with dizziness in the car) are a window to the most beautiful and spectacular views during the route to Cap de Formentor. Some of the cliffs can reach 300m. They have a craggy shape due to the waves crashing into them in such a poetic way. The autochthonous vegetation joins the environment to create a light breeze that tastes like the sea.

The lighthouse of Formentor is not open to visits. However, those who wish it can contemplate the magnificence of the Mediterranean Sea under their feet from the base of the lighthouse. It is very interesting to look out for Marine fauna, which in migration season creates a beautiful show for visitors.

During the almost 20km of the vertiginous road of Formentor, you will be able to stop in the different lookouts located over both sides of this road and that allow you to have a small rest from driving. You can then have a big breath and forget about everything else. For example, from the lookout of Sa Creueta, one of the most well known in the island, you will be 230m high looking out to Colomer island and the watchtower of Albercuix, a defensive construction created for the need of protection because of the frequent pirate attacks during the 18th and 19th Century.

At over 4km from this lookout you can find Cala Formentor. It is known between the islanders as Cala Pi de la Posada, it englobes Cala Gentil and Formentor beach, where the famous hotel with the same name is located. This exclusive hotel was made famous by having hosted illustrious characters like Charles Chaplin, the North American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald or John Wayne just to name some. A dense forest surrounds this beach and some of the pine branches even touch the water. The water is crystalline and with turquoise tones.

It is a must to make this visit with your own car, as walking or riding a bike is only advised for experienced athletes. This is a little fragment from a poem written by the mallorquin writer Miquel Costa I Llobera in which he describes his deep love for the area you are about to visit. It talkes about how much he loves the typical trees that grow around this area.

“Moncor estima un arbre! Mésvell que l'olivera, méspoderós que el roure, mésverd que el taronger, conserva de ses fulles l'eterna primavera,
i lluitaamb les ventades que assalten la ribera,
com un gegantguerrer.”

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