Castell de Bellver: The Castle of beautiful views

January 09, 2019
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If you travel to Majorca you can not miss its capital, Palma. And if you visit Palma you can not miss the castle the “Bella Vista” or Bellver. This denomination is because its name comes from the term in ancient Catalan “Bell ver” which literally means that: Bella Vista – beautiful views.


The origin of the Bellver Castle

The beginning of the construction of the Bellver Castle dates from the beginning of the 14th century, at the order of King James II of Majorca. The site chosen for the building of this castle was a mountain at 112 meters high, in an area surrounded by forest, from which you can contemplate both the city of Palma, as the Sierra de Tramuntana and the port, hence have well earned the name of Bella Vista.

The Bellver Castle is gothic in style but its main characteristic and more original, which makes it an essential visit for all those tourists who decide to spend their holidays in Majorca, is its circular plant. To get an idea of how peculiar this is in a fortification we are facing the only castle in all of Spain with circular shape, and one of the few in all of Europe, being above the oldest of them all.


Access to the Castle

Despite being located at a high point, at present the access to the castle has no difficulty, as there is a large parking located a few meters from the castle. So, if you have a rental car like the one that includes Sealand Villas, you can easily access the castle from your villa in Majorca. If you choose to go up by bus, the tourist bus 50 has a stop in the same castle. There is also the option to arrive using public buses, but the downside is that they stop at the foot of the hill, so you will have to ascend on foot to the castle. No doubt the most comfortable option, and the one we recommend, to get to the castle is the private car.

As for visiting hours, it is very important to keep in mind that Mondays are closed and Sundays and holidays only open from 10 to 3pm. The rest of the days, from April to September the timetable is from 10 to 7pm and from October to march from 10 to 6pm.


One of the best, and most complete, views of the whole island and the opportunity to visit one of the few circular castles in Europe make the Bellver Castle a visit that no one should miss during their holidays in Majorca.


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