The castle of Alaró (2/2)

May 26, 2018
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After the previous advice that we list in the previous part of the article, now we will indicate the different possibilities to climb up to the castle, a spectacular excursion that is well worth a trip to Majorca.


One castle, three routes

The path for access to the castle is perfectly signposted. As we have already noted above, the castle is located at the top of the mountain, so you have to expect a continued rise, something to keep in mind when choosing the route, and that changes a lot if we go up by car, bike or walk.


First option:

Walking up to the Castle from the town of Alaró. The tour lasts about 2 hours to 2:30 hours walking. This is the ideal choice for those who please to go in for sport while spending their holiday in Majorca. Most of the way are realized following a narrow highway, not always paved, that also is used to rise by car or bicycle.

When there is one hour left of the trip, you will find a sign, indicating a shortcut to get to the castle in 35 minutes, only validly for those who rise on foot. The shortcut will take us through a narrow path through the woods which ascend by meanders up to the castle. The only disadvantage of this shortcut is that it is a more irregular and slippery way than the long way, therefore it is not a valid option for everybody.


Second option:

Probably the most popular. It’s a hybrid of walk path and drive. It consists of arriving by car from your villa in Majorca up to more than half of the route, the parking at the restaurant Es Verger, where you can taste a traditional Majorcan meal. From the restaurant we will continue approximately 50 minutes on foot for a way that turns footpath. The road to get to the restaurant is quite narrow, in some sections, there should not even enter two cars that cross, so it is recommended to rise with care.


Third option:

By car. Almost the whole trip would be raised in car, up to a parking lot, almost in the top of the mountain, and from there it would be necessary only to cover approximately 20 minutes on foot. However is not recommended to choose this route, on the one hand the road narrows much in the final stretch and, on the other hand, it is not advisable to leave the car parked there.


Once rised, you will find the ruins of the castle of Alaró, of which still remain standing several sections of the walls and some towers. However the really spectacular thing, more than the castle itself, are the views. From there you can enjoy stunning views of the valley and of the Serra de Tramuntana, which you will have in mind  during the entire trip back to your home in Majorca.


So what are you waiting for, pick clothing and comfortable shoe, water, sunscreen and just enjoy the road and views!


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