The cave of the Greens in Lanzarote

March 05, 2018
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The Canary Islands is the area of Spain with the best climate throughout the year, you could almost say that they are unaware of the winter. This is one of the most important reasons why, throughout the year, many are those who decide to enjoy their holiday in Lanzarote. But, besides beach and good weather, the island has much more to offer, such as the Cave of the Greens ("Cueva de los Verdes").


Where is the Cave of the Greens?

It is located to the North of Lanzarote, in the municipality of Handi. As it is not a large island, it is no problem if we rent our villa in another area in Lanzarote. One thing for sure, we recommend renting a car during your stay on the island to move with comfort and get to know the island.


What you’ll find in the "Cueva de los Verdes"

We have one of the most impressive natural landscapes of the island. This cave was formed for thousands of years when the volcano of the Crown entered into eruption creating a series of caves and tunnels from 6 km long, of which can be only visited a small part. The cave served, during the 16th and 17th centuries, on many occasions as a place of refuge for the local population, who sought to hide from the pirates who disembarked in Lanzarote.

The cave is carefully lit, which helps to create a still more fantastic environment. Inside you will find also a small Auditorium that is blend perfectly with the cave. But this is not all, there are small spaces such as the BlackBerry door or the room of the aesthetes.

Also, taking advantage of the visit to the tunnel, we can discover the Jameos del Agua. Located in the most northern part of the tunnel, the one attached to the coast, the Jameos del Agua with small and very peculiar small lakes that have been formed in the rock of the tunnel due to the seepage of water. A must visit for any tourist who has decided to travel to Lanzarote.


The cave can be visited every day from 10 to 18h and access it will require the purchase of an entry: €9 per person, children only pay half price.


During your holiday in Lanzarote, the Cave of the Greens is a must-see.


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