The Caves of Artà

July 30, 2017
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Many of you who have decided to travel to Majorca may have never heard of the caves of Artá. However, these caves look as beautiful as the caves of the Drach, although they are not so well known. The latter is very important, since the caves of the Drach are usually overcrowded, making it almost an impossible mission to make a relaxing visit of the caves and to enjoy them calmly without feeling that you need to hurry to finish the tour.


Location of the caves of Artà

These caves are located at the eastern end of the island, about 45 km from both Alcudia and Cala d'Or. Both towns are gorgeous and ideal to rent your holiday villa in Majorca.


What will you see in the visit to the caves?

The guided tour begins in the lobby. In this vast entry, plagued by stalactites and stalagmites, you will begin to realize the colossal work done by nature during centuries.

Then, after descending the stone staircase, you will arrive at the Hall of the Columns, a space with a Gothic air where, as you move, you will be overwhelmed by the light shows that are formed through many columns.

Then, after descending a few steps, you will enter the so-called Hall of the Queen of the Columns. And, as the name of the salon makes clear, you will be amazed when looking at the majesty of its immense central column which is more than 22 meters high. Long Live the Queen!

The wonders that the cave offers you do not finish with this immense column, because then you will enter a hall known as Hell. Again, the name is perfectly chosen because, in this Hall, the rocks acquire the most unsuspected forms: angels, serpents, dragons ... even some resemble a lion reclining majestically. All this is powered by a light and sound show to make you believe that something really supernatural is happening.

If only briefly, there are three other halls worth to mention: the Theatre, the Hall of the flags and the Hall of the Bells. The names are correctly chosen again:

-In the hall known as the Theatre, the rock formations simulate the backstage of a scenario and make you feel like a spectator watching, behind the scenes, the masterpiece of nature.

-At the top of the Hall of the Flags seems to be displayed a large waving flag including its horn.

-The Hall of the Bells owes its name to the stalactites that make that sound when being hit with a stone.

The tour will end with breathtaking views of Cala de Canyamel. A delicious final ending to top the whole visit and that will make you return to your villa in Majorca with a smile.

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