The Caves of Drach: Journey to the centre of the Earth

June 04, 2017
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If you rent a villa in Cala d’Or for your holidays in Mallorca, one mandatory visit is the Caves of Drach.

The caves are located in Porto Cristo, just half an hour by car from Cala d’Or, therefore distance is not an excuse ─especially if you have rented a car─ to stop you from visiting them.


What will you see inside the Caves of Drach?

Once you arrive to the Caves of Drach from your holiday villa, you may have to wait to the starting time of the tour. Group visits have established hours because it is a natural landmark and it must be protected.

Just at the entry, the first thing you will see is “The Flag”, also known as “bacon” due to its resemblance.

Next, you will be amazed by the Baths of Diana and its unbelievable turquoise waters, even compared with the amazing blue sea of Mallorca. We must warn you that you can have stiff neck from staring at the amazing stalactites, which have been formed during millennia. They need 100 years to grow half an inch. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Of all the spectacular caves you’ll see, our favourite is the Snowcapped Mountain whose name comes from this cave’s land elevation that almost touches the stalactites, resembling a mountain.

The visit ends with a short classical concert, offered since 1935, in the Martel Lake. The concert lasts for about 10 minutes and is accompanied by light effects that resemble the sun rising. Once the concert is over, you can cross the lake by boat. If sailing is not “your thing”, you can cross though a bridge while looking the amazing formations that go from the ceiling to the floor of the cave.

And if you leave the Caves of Drach wanting for more, you can take advantage of your holidays in Mallorca to visit other not-so-known caves ─but as fascinating! ─ like the caves of Hams, the caves of Génova or Campanet. Mallorca is full of treasures! 


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