June 09, 2015
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Our "panades" (salt dough pies) are one of the most traditional elements in Majorca’s gastronomy. They are traditionally stuffed with meat and vegetables, but have now developed into several varieties that also include fish.

In the past, this island specialty was only made for Easter, but nowadays it can be found throughout the year in bakeries, as well as cafés and restaurants. If you're staying in one of our villas in Majorca, don’t hesitate to try this delicious sample of Balearic gastronomy.



  • 200 gr. lard
  • 1 wine glass olive oil
  • 1 glass wine water
  • Salt
  • 1 kg. flour



  • 1.5 kg. varied meat: lamb leg or pork tenderloin
  • 500 gr. peas
  • 2 bunches of tender onions
  •  salt, pepper and paprika, olive oil
  • 300 gr. of bacon and a pinch of sobrassada



First clean and cut the meat. Put it in a bowl with small cut bacon and a pinch of sobrassada, and add the salt, paprika and pepper to taste and set aside for the filling.

The peas should be prepared in another bowl. Add tiny cut onions, salt, paprika and pepper to taste and also set aside for the filling.

Next, prepare the pie dough. Pour the flour in a large bowl and add the lard, oil and warm water. Add salt and gradually the flour; knead while mixing until the dough has a consistent texture. If a little soft, add more flour and then let stand for half an hour.

Take approx. the size of a golf ball of dough. Push it flat and start to work the sides up to form a casing for the filling. Fill the pies, mixing pieces of meat and peas. Roll a piece of dough the size of a walnut to make a circle the same size as the pie; this will be its cover.

Finally, put the pies on a baking tray covered in aluminium foil. The oven must be preheated to 170ºC and the pies need 50 to 60 minutes.

Isn’t it a great dish to try to make during your stay with us?

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