November 12, 2015
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The Natural Park of s'Albufera is a treasure trove for lovers of nature, where birds from all over Europe come to nest each year. The entire park can be visited and is easy to find, also the Centre of Recepcionos will provide all the necessary information to help you enjoy your visit.

Itinerary: excursion by the natural park of the Albufera de Alcudia. Distance: 12km. Difficulty: excursion on flat terrain.

Route: We leave from the intersection of the avenue that passes through the port of Alcúdia along the road leading to Sa Pobla. Continuing towards to Sa Pobla, where the road surrounding the Albufera, we'll get to a bridge after 5 km. Once we have crossed it, we leave the tarmac road and take the road to our left.

After another kilometer, we'll find another bridge and a door. We can open the door, always ensuring that we close it afterwards. We are already in the Park! Continuing another two kilometers, we find a small detour to the left, which we will take and then cross a small bridge. Then we can continue a beautiful trek for approximately 4kms.

We turn left and after another 2 km, we reach the main road that leads to the reception area of the Park.

There are also short excursions along other roads in the interior of the Park. The reception of the Park will provide all the necessary information on the spot.

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