A day in... Peguera

May 13, 2016
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The town of Peguera, located in Calvia, is well known for its nightlife during high season. Today we suggest a plan that will erase that image you could have of Peguera. The same way we say that Mallorca is not only sun and beaches, we can also say it for certain places that have earned a wrong image. Today we will spend the day in Peguera with plans that can be done with anyone, so much with your partner, with friends or even if you are travelling with the little ones.

Peguera is located about 20km away from Palma, at the southwest of the island and it has about 5000 habitants. It is a touristic area where hotel establishments prevail, 90% of which are of German origin. There are also temporary touristic homes and second homes for residents. Formerly, Peguera was known for its agriculture, to which it owes its name. Peguera means pitch oven and it refers to the fabrication of this residue from the resin of its dense pine forests. This locality is very well known for the exportation of Almonds towards the Mainland.

1. The beach route

Let’s start the day in the nicest way possible, with a good sunbath and a swim in the sea. Peguera has three beaches: La Romana, Palmira and Torà.

- La Romana: Also known as “the beach of the dead”, is the smallest of all three. It is made of fine-grained sand of white and golden tones and its water is very calm when wind isn’t blowing from the southeast. It has a designated area for water activities and it can be a good option whether you are travelling with kids or not. You can rent a pedal boat to make the 3 beach route with. It is important to know that this beach is normally quite full of people. That is why we suggest you visit it first so you have enough space to choose a good spot.

- Palmira: Also known as “the beach with the small well”. It is the biggest of all three we have mentioned. Even though it is normally quite full of people as well, as it is quite extensive you won’t have any problems finding a good spot to set your parasol. Around the beach there is a very nice walk surrounded by palm trees which make this beach have a tropical atmosphere. Same as most of the beaches in this area it is exposed to hard winds so we recommend to visit it on calm days.

- Torà: This is the last stop in our beach route, where Sa Coma stream flows into. It is not as crowded as the other two, so the best time to arrive is around lunch time. It is surrounded by restaurants, so lunch time will be the best moment to find a spot and enjoy some calmness.

2. Enjoy a Paella with sea views

We are still at our last stop, Torà beach. At the very end, close to a little pine tree area you will find a restaurant where they serve beautiful paella every weekend. The establishment has the same name as the beach and its owner Juan is always smiling. It’s a fantastic option to get away from the burning sun for a few hours and have a soda in the shade under the pine trees. Kids will be able to enjoy food that has been specially thought of for them. The language barrier won’t be a problem since they are very used to receiving people from around the world. However, paella is a universal word.

3. A walk down the Boulevard

After lunch in the restaurant, we will need some exercise to help with digestion. We suggest a walk down the famous Boulevard of Peguera, where you will find all types of shops where you will be able to purchase a nice Souvenir as a reminder of your visit.

4. A Little bit of culture

Peguera counts with a modern auditorium where you can watch plays, musicals and shows for kids. We recommend you to check the program because it is very probable that you can spend a wonderful evening enjoying one of their shows.

5. A cocktail to end the day with

To finish our visit to Peguera, we are going to have a delicious cocktail at Pura Vida Bar Café, located on Carrer Isaac 6, 07160. It is one of the most recommended places by travelers to have a drink and watch the sun set from its beautiful and cozy terrace.

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