A day in... Sóller (Part I)

June 03, 2016
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It is one of the most charming towns in the island. It is located on the northwest coast of Mallorca at only 30km from Palma. Its surface is of 42 square Km, and this beautiful town counts with a population of approximately 10,000 habitants which are distributed between Sóller, Port de Sóller, S’Horta and Biniaraix.

Today, following our series of “A day in…” we invite you to spend an entire day between the people of Sóller, taking in their customs and their views. ¿Are you ready to enjoy like a real ‘Solleric’?

9:45h: Sóller’s Train

Whoever said that the important part is to get to your destination, not the road itself, hadn’t visited Sóller in the way we are going to suggest. We will start our day with a very special train ride. At 9:45 we should already be buying our tickets for the famous Sóller Train, which are located in the Plaza de España, more specifically in Calle Eusebio Estada, 1. It is very easy to find. The first train Palma-Sóller leaves at 10:10 so as soon as you get there go to the ticket office and purchase your tickets. The whole journey, which includes a stop at Bunyola will cost 16€. It is also possible to purchase a combined ticket with which you will be able to travel to Port de Sóller and get back to Palma for 30€. This way you will be able to save a lot of money, if you would like to go up to the port.

The construction of the whole Sóller’s train infrastructure dates back to 1907, and the official inauguration was held on the 16th of April, 1912. It exists thanks to the imagination of a Sóller neighbor called Jerónimo Estades, who acted as spokesman of all the Sollerics who requested better communications of the town with Palma, due to the difficulty to go with their carriages through the Coll de Sóller.

The experience to get to the town in the train has been described by multiple travelers as a time travel. The jolting of the wagons over the rails, the tunnels and the smell of the perfectly conserved wood will take you back in time. We strongly recommend you to choose this way to get to Sóller. Though, we must say that if you decide to follow our day plan, you won’t get back on the train so you must think it through before purchasing the tickets. If you would like to stay until the end of the day and enjoy the night at Sóller, the best way could be to hire a car or take a taxi back to Palma, which won’t be so expensive if you go through the toll tunnel.

11:30h: Learning some culture in Sóller’s old town.

We have now arrived after 90min of jolting and magic characteristic of the 20th Century. Carrying on with the time travelling idea, we are now going to admire the modernist creations which serve Sóller combining pragmatism and architectonic decoration. Sóller, as well as Palma, is one of the Spanish urban centres with most Modernist buildings.

The current headquarters of the Hispano-Americano Bank, located in Plaza de la Constitució, 21 are on the same place where the Bank of Sóller used to be. Built in 1889, it’s the masterpiece of architect Joan Rubió i Bellver, who was also in charge of designing the facade of the parish church of Sóller (which is situated next to the Bank). The style is based in the Catalán Modernism, with noble and beautiful references to its maximum exponent, the master Gaudí. As you will be able to check, the architectonic style is of supreme beauty, and together with the shade that the multiple trees of the plaza give, it makes this place look magical.

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