A day in... Sóller (Part II)

June 06, 2016
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We continue with our day in Sóller, in which we will now have to look for a place to have a little snack. Prepare for an evening full of good sensations that will leave you with a permanent smile. Let’s continue with our Sóller route!

14:30h: A tasty meal in Old Town

We suggest you to visit one of the best restaurants in Sóller. We are talking about Ca’n Boqueta, whose literal translation would be “small mouth’s house”. It is located in an old mallorquin house with its typical high ceilings and stone walls. Before anything, be sure to have a table booked as soon as you get to Sóller. The place isn’t very big and we wouldn’t like you to miss this experience by not planning ahead. At the end of the page you will find the contact details of the restaurant. The cuisine is traditional Mediterranean with an innovative touch and, even though you could think that it is a sophisticated and very expensive place, you will find out that it isn’t that expensive and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. At lunch time you can find a menu of between 15 and 20 Euros. At night time, there is a 5 step tasting menu with a paring option (fact that increases the price considerably but is worthwhile).

What: Restaurant Ca’n Boqueta.

When: A menu for lunch time and a tasting menu for dinner.

How much: Menu, between 15 and 20 Euros per person; tasting menu, between 30 and 35 Euros per person; and tasting menu with pairings, between 48 and 55 Euros per person.

Where: Gran Vía, 43. Sóller.

Telephone: 971 638 398.

17:00h Let’s go to the port

If you have followed our previous recommendation, you will already have included in your transport ticket the tram that takes you to the port. If you prefer to buy it there, it won’t be a problem, you just have to get to the ticket office that is near the tram station. The journey is very nice and it follows the same dynamic than the first one we did. Once we are there, the only thing we must do is enjoy the beauty, the calmness and the peace that you can breathe in Port de Sóller. The breeze and its aroma will mentally transport us and we will have the feeling that our problems have disappeared. For those who are more skeptical, we really suggest them to visit the port’s lookout. From there they will be unable to deny the river of sensations that invade your body when admiring the beauty of this natural port that is protected by the Serra de Tramuntana. Go for a walk around the port, and explore its corners, as the day is about to finish.

20:00h Eating the views

Once we discover the magic of Port de Sóller, we can go one step further, the one we were suggesting earlier for the most skeptical, and we will go up to what most travelers call the mallorquin nirvana. We are going to the lookout restaurant Es Faro, located on top of the port’s road in Cap Gros de Moleta.

At Es Faro we will be able to enjoy a sea food and fish dinner, which is the most typical food from the port and Sóller itself (this part of the island is famous for the fish that they catch) all with very impressive views. Beneath our feet, the sea.  There are no words to describe this, so we strongly suggest to not miss it, even if you don’t wish to have dinner, you can just have a drink.

23:30h or till your body stands...: ride back home

What a memorable day in Sóller, it seems untrue that the same place can offer plans that will make us feel such different emotions. We traveled through history with the train; we met the culture and its people through the architectonic styles and the art that invades its streets; we discovered the gastronomy of the island by the best restaurants around and last but not least we let our imagination fly guided by the peaceful atmosphere of the port. But now it is time to return. As we mentioned in the first part of this adventure, if you got to this part of the day, you won’t be able to return with the train as the last train leaves for Palma at 19:30h. Bear in mind that you might have had to rent a car o booked a taxi that will take you back to your accommodation.

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