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March 30, 2018
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It might seem somewhat surprising, but a large number of cycling fans opt to travel to Majorca during their holiday, and this is not a coincidence.


Majorca as a synonym for cycling

The island is perfect for this sport, either in an amateur way and relax as in a more professional and competitive way. This is largely due to the privileged climate of Majorca, that the island offers during almost all year, which invites to all kinds of outdoor activities, including cycling. But, in addition to good weather, there are a number of specific features that make this place the ideal place for cycling during your holidays in Majorca.


A perfect terrain for two wheels

Land-Plains and steep slopes, the rider who decides to travel to Majorca has a wide range to choose from. If you are looking for a more relaxed route you can ride miles and miles in plain, through landscapes of incredible beauty, both inside and along the spectacular coast of Majorca. If you are looking for a challenge, Majorca offers its famous sierra de Tramontana, world heritage of Unesco, with all the slopes than the more adventurous rider could want.

This variety of options explains the number of cyclists routes which are enabled for cycling fans. There are so many available routes, that you’ll have to spend some time deciding which one you choose to go that day, before leaving your holiday home in Majorca.


A meeting point for cyclists

The importance of cycling on the island is palpable in the almost endless list of events taking place throughout the year in Majorca, with cyclists from all over the world, to enjoy this paradise of cycling together. So no matter at what time of the year, you decide to enjoy your vacation in a villa in Majorca, you can be sure that there will be held any concentration or championship during your stay.

In addition, if you have chosen to rent a villa in Palma, the capital of Majorca, you can also tour and enjoy the city, without having to own a bike. The city of Palma de Majorca, in addition to having the city enabled with 82 km of cycleway, puts more than 290 bicycles, serving both residents and non-residents.


If you like cycling and still not have decided to travel to Majorca what are waiting for?


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