November 18, 2015
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The natural park of SaDragonera consists of a main island and two smaller islands, Es Pantaleu and Sa Mitjana.

SaDragonera is a symbol of Balearic conservationism. Since the 1970s, thanks to local pressure, it freed itself from construction and mass use.

When you visit it, it´s like visiting paradise. You can observe typical sargantanas, enjoy the landscape and views and take a refreshing dip.

At the moment, there are various routes you can take, creating memories of landscapes you won´t forget easily:

 - Cala Lladó  - Tramuntana Lighthouse: Route 1.7 kms that goes from Cala Lladó to the Tramuntana Lighthouse. The round trip takes about 60minutes. The slope is gentle and the maximum height is 65metres. The main attractions are the visit to the lighthouse interpretation center and the views of the Majorcan coast.

 -  Cala Lladó - naPòpia (es FarVell): The 3.8 kms route that goes from Cala Lladó to FarVell, on top of the Popia, with moderate difficulty.  The maximum height is 352 metres. The pedestrian trail, designed to transport heavy supplies of the lighthouse, has a very gentle slope that makes it enjoyable. The round trip can be done in about three hours. The remains of the old lighthouse and the views onto Majorca and the cliffs, make this the most attractive route of the Park.

 -  Cala Lladó - Far de Llebeig: Route of 4.5 kms that goes from Cala Lladó to the lighthouse of Llebeig, with moderate difficulty. The maximum height in the lighthouse, is 121 metres. The road, built at the beginning of the 20th century, has a very gentle slope. The round trip can be covered in approximately 2hours 40minutes. Good views over the cliffs and areas where the Eagle of Eleonora tends to fly during the  autumn season.

-  Cala Lladó - Na Miranda. A 1.2km route that goes from Cala Lladó to na Miranda and returns to Cala Lladó through the Tramuntana road, with low difficulty. The maximum height, at Coll de Tramuntana, is about 50metres. Circular route which can be gone over in 30 minutes. Good views over el freu and Cala Lladó. You can see the old Cala Lladó farming areas (olive and cereals). They are currently being improved for the park and put in production in order to help wildlife.

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