Eat-up Mallorca

March 02, 2016
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There is something you should know whether you´re planning on visiting Mallorca or not, and that is that Mallorcans know how to eat. Visitors experience the different touristic and natural attractions Mallorca has to offer, Majorcan cuisine being one of the strong points of their vacation. We propose one of the most famous desserts, and we reveal to you where the locals go to when they want to enjoy it.


This is the most typical and known dessert of Mallorca. You´ve probably noticed to the strange number of round boxes that circle the airport in tourists hands.

To achieve its characteristic flavor it must contain flour, eggs, sugar, yeast, milk, and lard.

The secret of its production is really in the ovens of the island, simply mixing these ingredients together without rhyme or reason is not enough, and it's not an easy task. Some are smooth, these are the typical ones bought to travel with, they keep better. But there are also filled ones of many different flavors. Although the typical ones are filled with custard, angel hair, or apricot, nowadays you can find them filled with flavors like cream, chocolate, or truffle. They are typically had for breakfast or as a snack, but be careful not to abuse them because their composition makes it very difficult to burn their calories. If you have time available to sit down and savor Mallorca, we recommend you go to Can Joan de S´Aigo, a typical Palma spot not only for ensaimadas but also ice cream, cocas de patata (typical Majorcan cake). They are very famous.

Practical information:


There are two Can Joan de S´Aigo: Calle Can Sanç, 10. Palma. and Calle Baró Santa Maria del Sepulcre, 5. Palma.


Everyday between 8h and 21h.

How much:

For about three euros you can have a cream ensaimada and a hot chocolate.

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