Excursion to the Torrent de Pareis - Part I: Tips for the route

April 01, 2016
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There are an indecent amount of excursions and trips that can be enjoyed in Mallorca, but today we want to present you with what may be the considered the most loved and splendid plan. Its superb because of the places you will enjoy throughout the itinerary, but you will also reach the conclusion that every effort made has its own fulfilling reward. You will feel rewarded with superb views, a surprisingly still wild landscape, and pristine waters. Are you ready? We will start our adventure with some very important tips that must be followed to the letter if you want everything to go smoothly.

Meeting point of the excursion: Restaurant Escorca

Located on the Lluc-Sóller route, one of the longest routes on the island, the restaurant Escorca can boast for being a classic meeting point for visitors who want to start the path to the Torrent de Pareis. You will find the restaurant right in front of the church of San Pedro (Saint Pere), on the edge of the road. It´s also worth saying that if you fancy more of a lazy day plan or decide to postpone because of climate issues, Escorca is a wonderful place to enjoy a typical Mallorcan meal. We prefer you follow the plan, but we also know that sometimes there are temptations that are difficult to ignore, and due to its atmosphere and dishes, Escorca is one of them.

Between May and October is the time that we recommend the visit, considering we will be walking through a torrent it is better that there haven't been recent heavy rains. That seems logical, right? We´re not going to lie to you, this excursion has a high difficulty level, i.e. if you are expecting to enjoy a stroll in your sandals along a simple sandy path, you´re better off staying at Escorca enjoying a nice plate of frito Mallorquin. We recommend the use of a safe and comfortable shoe, a good sport shoe that you can comfortably wear for at least five hours. We repeat, this is not a simple hiking route, it is exactly nine kilometers of a descending torrent, if you don´t see yourself fit for the challenge we understand and can suggest other excursions more appropriate for all audiences. It is advisable to carry a rope of about ten meters, just in case. Remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry, when it comes to safety you can never be too careful. Keep in mind that this is not a circular route, so you have to understand that you will not end where you started the route, which leaves us with a little bit of a complication: how do we get back? We recommend you take the bus from Sa Calobra, however many visitors complain about the bus not passing frequently enough. You can also call a taxi, which should cost you roughly about 40 Euros, but if you share it with other hikers it's a more affordable option. As a last piece of advice, we highly recommend you pack up your backpacks with food and beverages until they pop, because you will experience many hours of physical effort and you will not find anyone along the way to serve you sports drink.

If you have reviewed all of these important points and have everything you need, you´re more than ready to begin the adventure.

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