Excursion to the Torrent de Pareis.Part II: We started the route

April 04, 2016
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If you´ve already read our previous article, Excursion to the Torrent of Pareis. Part I: tips for the route, you are prepared to start the excursion. Just in case, we will make a brief summary of the advice we shared with you: safe and comfortable shoes, water and plenty of food for five hours of action, a rope 10 meters long, money (about 40-50 Euros) if you decide to return by taxi, and energy to stop a train.

Prepare for a day that will be a cocktail of emotions. Illusion, fear, courage, tiredness, all of the above accompanying you during the descent to the Torrent de Pareis. But trust in yourself, and keep in mind the tips that we have given you and the tips that experienced travelers already there may be able to share, everything will be great. We don´t recommend that you go alone, so if you had a solitary journey in mind, we´d like you to try to join a group of hikers, considering there are stretches of great difficulty and you could find yourself in a tight situation.

Starting the route: Descent to the ravine

The route has its beginning to the left of the parking lot you will see, where you will probably park your car. It isn´t a difficult stretch , in fact it´s one of the easiest ones you´ll see on the whole tour, but it is slightly difficult and it is easy to become disoriented and go where you shouldn´t. Experienced travelers say that when on this route the best option is to go recalling the stone markers, as if they were Tom Thumb breadcrumbs, since there is no official signage.

Second stage: the torrent of LLuc

About an hour after starting the route, depending on the pace and agility of each one of the travelers, we will have reached the bed of the torrent of Lluc, which is precisely where the stream begins to show its true essence, this is when we should start to try to avoid tripping over large rocks. Keep forward!

Third stage: the torrent of Gorg Blau

Here we have the famous stream division. This is optional and the side trip shouldn´t take you more than an hour, so your trip would come to be about 6 hours in total. If you don't have much experience in trekking we recommend you follow the route with everyone else and avoid making detours. But if you´re an experienced traveler, go ahead and take a stroll through the torrent of Gorg Blau that reaches Sa Fosca (The Darkness in Majorcan), a stretch in which the walls of the torrent are so close together that they barely even let light through. Not suitable for people who are easily overwhelmed in narrow or confined spaces. Then, go back to the intersection, and we will continue from there.

Fourth stage: the great cave

Yes, you are seeing what you are suppose to be seeing and you must  descend it. A large cave on your right hand and there is also an enormous rock and you have to coordinate all of your effort and body to circumvent it. There are stuck ropes, but be careful because as dry as it may seem, this happy rock slides.

Fifth stage: Font d´es Desgotis

You´ve passed the most difficult stretch, after this blissful rock come dozens of them, each more difficult to circumvent than the last. But don´t worry the rest is cake. You´re in front of Font d´es Desgotis, a natural fountain that drips water on a stone, which is where it gets its name from.

Sixth stage: The pool

You will have already arrived at a beautiful pool that you must cross through a tunnel on your right. Come on! You´ve almost completed the journey. And here´s a fact you might not find so funny, and it depends on what time of the year you make the trip, because there will be more or less water, but the fact is that you will have to take your shoes off and walk in the water.

Last step: Sa Calobra

You´ve arrived. And it seems like paradise, right? You are in Cala Sa Calobra, a cove of natural turquoise waters guarded by several rocky cliffs. Stay as long as you need to there, finding your inner peace and regaining strength and courage, and above all to celebrate that you´ve been able to go down the stream with great dignity (or let´s hope so). When you´ve decided it´s enough for today, you should go to the left of the bay where there are tunnels that form the promenade Sa Calobra. It´s in that direction that you will quickly arrive to the town and you can call a taxi to take you to your comfortable and quiet hotel room that you must be wanting right about now.

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