Feasts of the Patron Saint in Pollensa

July 26, 2018
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If you have decided to travel to Majorca in August, on the 2nd of August we recommend you to visit Pollensa from your villa in Majorca because it is the day that celebrates one of the most popular holidays on the island, "La Patrona" feasts.


The origin of the celebration

It is a tradition rooted for many centuries in Pollensa, which commemorates the Virgin Patron Saint of Pollensa, the "Mare de Déu dels Àngels" - mother of Good of the Angels.

This civic-religious celebration underwent a great transformation in the 19th century in which was added the tradition of simulating the battle against 1,500 Moors which the inhabitants of the era had in the 16th century.


The Feasts
On 2nd of August Pollensa is dressed in white and colors to defend his people from the attack of the Moors and to receive their Virgin.
With the passing of the years the recreation of the battle between Moors and Christians has become the main attraction for all tourists who have decided to spend their holidays in Majorca. But before it comes to the battle, the feasts begin with the traditional opening speech, followed by the dance of the "cossiers", which has a great importance within these celebrations.

The recreation of the battle begins in the plaza of the Almoina, in the ‘fuente del gallo’, with the meeting of the leaders of both armies: Joan Mas, Christians, and Dragut and his Lieutenant, on the other hand of the Moors. At 7 o'clock, after invoking Joan Mas Mare de Déu dels Àngels, an impressive simulacrum starts in which both armies face. Little by little, the moro army will go back from the main street to Can Nogues where the real Mayor joins the battle.

The combat continues until the Church of St. George, at the end of the main street, where the canons of the Christians will be incorporated. Finally the Christians defeated the Moorish army in the field of ‘Can' Escarrinxo’ when they snatched them the flag. The victory celebration ends with the traditional singing of the Te Deum in the parish.


But this is not all, also, if you scroll down to these feasts of the Patron Saint from your holiday home in Majorca, you can enjoy many more activities such as concerts, activities for children, markets, evening parties, and much more.


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