Five fundamental reasons to rent a villa in Majorca

November 16, 2018
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Majorca is one of the main tourist destinations in Spain and not by chance. Its good climate, spectacular beaches and its varied offer of leisure are just some of the reasons why every year millions of tourists decide to travel to Majorca. To guarantee an experience of luxury during your holidays in Majorca without doubt the best option is to rent a villa in Majorca. And why is it the best option? Let's see the main pros of the villas on the rest of accommodation options.


1. The capital importance of choosing well the accommodation

A very important part of the time to enjoy a holiday in Majorca is the place where we are staying. To ensure comfort and tranquility nothing better than renting a holiday home in Majorca. Nothing comforts more than a second home when you're away from home.


2. Escape from overcrowding

As commented at the beginning of this article, every year millions of people decide to travel to Majorca. This, especially during the summer months, generates a problem of overcrowding. The great advantage of a villa in which you have spaciousness, both inside and outside the house, as many of our villas have a swimming pool and garden area completely private.


3. Comfort

In a villa we can manage everything to our liking. We do not have to abide by the schedule that marks a hotel. And, if we travel in a group or with children, these advantages multiply exponentially. Eat whatever you want and when you feel like it. Nothing like a good late breakfast when you spend a relaxing holiday.


4. Party

Many times the most special moments, those that we'll never forget, happen in the intimacy of our home. Renting a villa in Majorca is an inexhaustible source of unforgettable memories, for example, to cook with the family some typical dish of the island or to play with the children in the swimming pool, we can also enjoy a barbecue with friends or an intimate dinner with the one we love – in our case, we also offer the catering option to make the food even more special. Every moment in your villa in Majorca can become a small party.  


5. The best option for an island like Majorca

It is something that tends to be forgotten, given the amount of things that the island offers us, and that is that Majorca is not so big. Nothing is far away in Majorca, so we can quietly seek accommodation in a place secluded from the crowded areas without renouncing to be perfectly communicated. In addition at Sealand Villas we offer a rental car, which is included in the price, so that our guests can travel comfortably throughout the island.


As you will have seen a villa in Majorca is definitely the best option when it comes to staying on the island. Now you only need to take your time to choose one, thanks to our long experience and extensive catalog of villas, we are sure that you will find the villa in Majorca which is perfect for you.


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