January 09, 2016
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The Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc is one of the most important and well known products in Majorca. A unique salt and rich in minerals that is harvested on the beach of Es Trenc, which have ideal conditions for the production of this marvelous salt. The beach belongs to the Natural Park of Es Trenc-Salobrar , a protected space where we can also observe rafts of crystallization and mountains of salt, known as the Salinas of Es Trenc.

Although the salt industry was not recognized until the mid-twentieth century, the attraction of the oldest condiment in the world in this part of the island has been around for thousands of years. Phoenicians and Romans had already obtained salt in Es Trenc, among other locations in the Mediterranean.

Its development is almost as mysterious as its flavor. On the surface of the water a thin layer of crystals is formed in the shape of flowers that are collected with rakes, following an ancient Majorcan tradition, and left to dry under the sun. In addition to preserving all the aroma of the sea, it also contains over 80 minerals and trace elements and a high dose of magnesium, which decreases the ingestion of sodium chloride. As a one hundred percent natural product, it is always slightly moist. The crystals melt slowly on the palate.

There are in the market different varieties of the Flor d’Es Trenc: Flor de Sal Olives (with black olives variety Kalamata), Flor de Sal Mediterranean (with mediterranean herbs), Flor de Sal Hibiscus (with dried flowers of hibiscus), Flor de Sal Sri Lanka (with a mixture of curry of ten exotic spices) and Flor de Sal Rosa (with petals of rosa Gallica, pepper Szechuan and black pepper of Sarawak). The five mixtures are distinguished from other aromatic salts due to its high content in herbs and spices that reaches up to thirty percent. There is also a "limited edition", intended for lovers of fusion cuisine, with fresh seasonal products that are directly responsible to the gardeners of agro ecological farms in Mallorca. There are four types: Flor de Sal Lemon & Lavender, Flor de Sal Orange & Chili; Tomato & sea fennel, and beetroot.

The Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc is available in shops and gourmet restaurants. Don't miss out on the chance to discover first-hand the flavor of the Mediterranean.

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