January 28, 2016
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In Mallorca there are a lot of trails that currently are destinations and enjoyed primarily by hikers. There are all kinds of trails on the island, from old paths of the Arab era trails through forests that years ago were used by coal workers and as a means of communication between villages.

We can find places of incredible beauty, many with stories and ancient legends. There are trails open set by thieves of yesteryear that lead to the most inaccessible places on the coast, coastal watchtowers built in the sixteenth century to defend against Turkish pirates and infrastructures that were used for farming. Each route detailed below is famous among hikers who frequent the island:

1.Camí des correu

It is an ancient communication route linking the villages of Esporles and Banyalbufar. It dates back to 1401 and runs along pines, oaks and fabulous views of the coast.

2.From Can Picafort to Son Real

Either by foot or by bike, this coastal trail crosses a virgin beach overlooking a necropolis of the VII century BC. Further along the woods there are estate houses belonging to Son Real, today, of which is a museum and interpretation center. In the surrounding area, you can visit the Pre- Talaiotic village of Es Figueral.

3.The Cap des Pinar

Ascensión a la Penya des Migdia  and the Talaia d'Alcudia is the most attractive of the three ends of the north of the island (Formentor and Pinar Ferrutx) for hiking. Besides being a public estate in the Cap des Pinar there are forests, caves, coves and ancient watchtowers throughout. This circular route allows hikers to tour its most spectacular corners.

4.The Calas and Viewpoints of Formentor

This spectacular route is known as Ascensión to El Fumat. Cap de Formentor is one of the most beautiful places on the island. Compared with neighbouring Cap des Pinar, Formentor has no easy trails for running. The best views are enjoyed from the road. The 20 km that separate the Port de Pollença and the Formentor lighthouse offer us one of the most beautiful roads in Mallorca. The itinerary combines a walk along a creek through a paved track with an overgrown steep path finally reaching El Fumat.


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