January 27, 2016
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Raixa consists of a manor (also known as Posessió in the local dialect, Mallorquín) of Arab origin at the foot of the beautiful Sierra de Tramuntana, in the municipality of Bunyola.

It’s obvious important heritage its protection by the Balearic Government to protect declaring it an official Cultural Interest (BIC). Its history dates back to the presence of Muslims in Mallorca, who due to the abundance of water, still reflected in its large pond, and fertile land was chosen as the Estate for the Arraixa foundation. After the Catalan conquest of the island in the thirteenth century, Raixa went through different owners, from the Zaforteza-Tagamanent until the XVII century, of which then passed to the Despuig family.

The estate known for its majesty but also for its amazing gardens, was designed by Italian architect Giovanni Lazzarini. There are small additions from its previous owners such as Montenegro and its last owner, Antonio Jaume Nadal. The various green spaces are divided into three: the entry gardens, the lower gardens and the upper gardens. Strolling through them is an unforgettable experience

- Access to the gardens are through a large terrace which brings you back to the medieval  times with each watch tower.

- The lower gardens reference la loggia de diez in the arches of the main façade. It combines a variety of ancient trees and elements of vegetation throughout.

- The upper gardens are built on a hill. The first terraces are articulated by a monumental staircase that leads to the large pool (96 x 18 meters), dolls house and the bathhouse.

The highest point, called Sa Muntanyeta contains a path where visitors encounters romantic sceneries such as a cave with lookouts, a hermitage and a neoclassical temple that crowns the top.

Raixa has been used for three films: Evil Under the Sun, based on the novel by Agatha Christie; Bearn or the Island of Dolls from Lorenzo Villalonga, and zeal, the opera debut of Antonio Aloy, El Celo. In addition Raixa is also the title of one of the recorded  works of the Mallorcan artist, Maria del Mar Bonet.

Raixa is one of the best examples of great cultural and architectural heritage that can be found in the Balearic Islands. If you are thinking of renting or buying a home in Mallorca and enjoy the beauty of Raixa, hesitate no more.

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