Cuevas de Genova

February 24, 2015
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Discover the Genova Caves, one of Palma’s most beautiful secrets.

Only a 10 minute drive from the city of Palma, you’ll find one of the many delightful surprises Mallorca has in store, the Genova Caves.

Their recent discovery in 1906 was a real surprise; they were found unexpectedly while digging a water well. Until then, nobody was able to imagine that this small village held such an interesting and beautiful historical relic.

A visit to the caves is well worth it. They are easily accessible by car, and offer the chance of exploring what used to be the habitat and refuge of the first settlers of the island, millions of years ago.

Visits are restricted to small groups accompanied by a guide, who must walk 36 meters underground to reach a truly majestic space: clear water pools, tunnels and corridors created by erosion over thousands of years, spectacular limestone domes, impressive columns displaying the rock in its purest form... Discover a real natural wonder, full of beauty and oozing magic.

Genova is a small residential area on the outskirts of the capital, surprising due to its tranquillity and well-preserved rural environment. In addition, the area offers an interesting range of restaurants where you can dine and enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

A trip to the caves is definitely a good excuse to stop for lunch or dinner in the area. You’ll find some of the most renowned establishments frequented by locals, restaurants such as Can Pedro, Can Jacinto, Sa Caseta or Ses Coves.

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