March 05, 2015
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In 2011, a new distillery was born in Llucmajor (Majorca), with the sole intention of producing a special gin, with a unique taste and 100% Majorcan.

The passion of its founders (Eva Maier and Stefan Winterling) for distillates is practically part of their DNA. They come from families dedicated to the production of wines and spirits, hence their passion for producing such beverages.

This artisan distillery always works with fresh seasonal produce, so there are often changes both in taste and aroma from one lot to the next; every gin bottle is unique.

They also use exclusive techniques for extracting the maximum scent from the citruses and spices used, created by experimenting with different elaboration processes. The final process is slower and more laborious than the ones regularly used, but the end result is excellent, different... and unique.

Majorca is rich with juniper, the main ingredient in gin. Worth emphasising is the type found in the dunes of Es Trenc: a very green variety with a certain sea-salt taste and with such a special aroma, that Stefan Winterling says he wants to preserve it pure in a bottle.

Gin Eva pampers every section of the manufacturing process, without neglecting any details: from selecting the best spices to bottling the end result. Nor do they renounce their roots; they use a photograph of a family member from the 30s as the main image for Eva Gin bottling.

Without a doubt, Eva Gin offers a glass full of the liquid essence of Majorca, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

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