Group holidays in Majorca: Perks of renting a villa

November 04, 2017
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It is common to hear that three is a crowd. If you choose to travel to Majorca as a group, things can get really complicated.


Perks of renting a villa in Majorca

A good idea, that without a doubt will make your trip to Majorca easier if you are a group, is to rent a holiday villa in Majorca. Next you will find a list with the main reasons why you should rent a villa in Majorca.


1. As William Wallace would say: Freedom!

When travelling, freedom is an essential issue, and specially if you have to coordinate a big group of people. Renting a holiday villa will give you the kind of freedom that cannot give you, by far, an hotel. A villa in Majorca can become your home where you choose your schedule and the way of doing things.


2. Space, sweet space

A hotel room can be very confortable but in the end you can feel like a prisoner. Your villa in Majorca will allow you to move around different rooms. Moreover, many of these holidays villas have their own garden and private swimming pool. A benediction if you travel with children or if you want to have parties outdoors with your family and friends.


3. If you travel to Majorca, pack light and you won’t realise you are on a trip

Many times when travelling, we think (not falsely) that we are bringing half of our house with us. This feeling increases even more when we travel with children.

A villa in Majorca is better equipped than a hotel room, so you won’t have to bring everything that you think you will need. Moreover, another important reason is that you won’t have to bring all the clothes you own, you will have your own washing machine.


4. Relax and quietness

Unlike hotels, holiday villas are located in quiet and remote areas. Thanks to Majorca’s size, you don’t have to renounce to being well connected. Furthermore, you will have parking lots for your vehicles and you won’t have to go around searching an empty lot to park.


5. Create special moments in your villa in Majorca

In the end, the most important thing after a good trip is memories. Hotels leave few memories, it’s just the place where you sleep. A villa will give you many special memories from your time in and it will make your stay an unforgettable experience.


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