Handicrafts of Majorca

April 17, 2019
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Although it may surprise the youngest, there was a world without internet or machines in which artisans prided themselves on doing their work without so much mechanical help. Majorca has traditionally been the birthplace of master craftsmen who used little more than their hands to make their products. In addition, the type of craftsmanship produced in each territory serves as a fairly reliable scale for knowing the area in question, as it reveals aspects such as the character of the area, its climate or the raw materials that abound, to name but a few of the conclusions that can be drawn from local craftsmanship. In today’s Majorca still exist, although to a lesser extent of course, craftsmen who retain the ancient techniques for making their products. We invite you to follow a tour of the most traditional products made in Majorca and that will make you feel closer to the idiosyncrasy of the island before traveling to Majorca.



Typical Majorcan sandals with colorful canvas with esparto or hemp sole. This lightweight footwear is a clear indication of the good weather that offers the island almost all year round. In addition to the espardenyes, the island is closely linked to the manufacture of quality leather footwear, as demonstrated by traditional factories such as Lottusse, Carmina or Camper, all of Majorcan origin.

A suggestion, how about buying a pair to take to the beach or use while strolling through the garden of your villa on Majorca? “You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”.



Of all the ceramic products made on the island this is perhaps the most typical. The siurell is a clay figurine that has a whistle incorporated, this is because it was originally a toy for children. The siurell models are very varied, ranging from fantastic figures such as giants, demons or dwarfs to animals and people and even representations of everyday objects such as airplanes, cars, etc. If you are looking to bring a different and at the same time traditional gift or want to decorate your home with an original souvenir of your holidays in Majorca a siurell is a great choice.


Blown glass

In addition to buying a piece, we recommend that you visit a factory during your holidays in Majorca where they are made, there are several on the island that can be all visited, so you can enjoy live the spectacle of seeing these master craftsmen making pieces of incredible beauty using only tongs and a cane to blow the glass.





We finish this tour in its sweetest moment, with desserts such as: ensaimadas, robiols, gató,. . . If you like candy, Majorca is your island! Take a varied assortment to your holiday home in Majorca and enjoy this paradise for your palate.


Crafts for all tastes and that will brighten your senses.


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