Holidays in autumn

September 25, 2016
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Everyone knows August is over…, but for some people it also means that the holiday season, travelling, renting villas and having fun are also over. This post is dedicated to those who think that you cannot have good holidays in autumn. 

After the summer, there is a perfect season for those people who do not have children, be it a group of friends, young couples without children or even couples with emancipated children. As we all know, if you travel during August, it is possible that you spend your holidays with someone else’s children, be it on the beach, in a restaurant or even next door. This is why people that enjoy their holidays without children prefer to spend them in autumn, when the kids are back to school. 

September and October are also the perfect months for those who want to enjoy the holidays without the crowd and floods of people. If you hate queuing, the traffic and the crowded beaches, there is no doubt, autumn is your season. 

Gone are the days when beaches are crowded and you have to share you towel with the family of tourists next to you. During this season, beaches are quieter and, although it does not mean deserted, you still will have the holiday atmosphere but without the stress that you can find during the peak season.

A lot of people think water is already cold and choosing a beach destination may be a mistake. But believe us when we tell you that they could not be more wrong. The sea temperature needs two or three months to equal the atmosphere temperature. Therefore, if you take a bath in the sea in June, it will be cooler than in September. Have in mind that, during 4 months, seawater is getting warmer. 

Another obvious reason is temperature. There are more and more people who cannot tolerate the heat. Not everyone wants to sunbath at 40ºC. There are people who prefer to walk along the sea shore wearing a blouse while warming their feet with the warm water of the sea. 

If you are not convinced yet, we must tell you that during September and November you will find the best offers for your holidays. You can get up to 50% discount when renting a holiday villa. 

We invite you to experience a different kind of holidays! 

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