Holidays in Mallorca with a private swimming pool

May 28, 2017
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We already know our holiday spot... and obviously couldn’t be any other than Mallorca. The weather, the beaches, the views, the food... But, where are you going to stay? Hotel or holiday villa? Holiday villa or hotel? We are going to explore different accommodation options. We are going to imagine how your holidays would be in Mallorca depending on the accommodation you choose.


First option: To rent a holiday villa

Imagine that you start your trip to Mallorca; you arrive with the airplane at the airport. Once there, you hop into your rental car, already included in the rent of your villa in Mallorca. If you want, you can choose where and when to stop during the trip: to enjoy some local food in a bar or restaurant of the area or to enjoy quietly the amazing views of the countryside. Maybe you want to take a quick dip and start feeling the holiday atmosphere.

You arrive at your rental house; you park your car with no headaches at all in your parking spot in your villa in Mallorca. You leave your suitcases and enjoy the big space in your holiday villa. Not only will you find big spaces, but also privacy.

You go outside, into the garden, your own garden in your own house and enjoy the feeling of being so closed to the nature without having to give up any kind of comfort. Your holiday house is fully equipped with all kind of modern comfort: kitchen, washing machine, WIFI, etc. and, furthermore, thanks to the island’s size, you will be always close to civilization.

Once you are in the garden, you just need to enjoy: you can sunbath and recover from the long trip or take a dip into your private swimming pool. Such a pleasure!


Second option: To rent a hotel room

You land at the airport and look for a mode of transportation that takes you to the hotel. You will go to the hotel rushing to adapt to its schedule and try to make the most out of the day that’s left. If you have rented a car, you will have to go around the hotel looking for a car park.

You go inside your hotel and you have to check in, let’s hope that there is any queue. Go to your small room that, after being inside of an airplane and a vehicle, will prolong you feeling oppressed. You still haven’t feel like you are on holidays in Mallorca.

Once you leave your room, you will realize that you don’t have any privacy, there are many guests going around. Moreover, if you want to eat anything, you will have to follow the hotel’s schedules.

If the hotel has a swimming pool, you will have to hear screams, endure an overpopulated swimming pool, and grey-cemented area that you cannot even start to compare with the amazing feeling that it is having your private garden with swimming pool in your villa in Mallorca.


Now, which option would you choose for your holidays in Mallorca?


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