Holidays in Mallorca: Holidays by the Sea and in the Mountain

July 05, 2017
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If you are lucky enough to stay at a villa in Cala d’Or during your holidays in Mallorca and you love nature, there is something you cannot miss: the Mondragó Natural Park.


What can you find in the Mondragó Natural Park?

This amazing natural park of Mallorca is located just 15 km away from your holiday villa in Cala d’Or. There you can enjoy the native fauna (mostly birds) as well as the flora.

There are so many different birds ─the experts have catalogued more than 70 species─ that in 1995 the park was declared Area of Special Protection for Birds by the European directive. Among so many birds, and just to name a few, you can find: the turtledove, the hoopoe, the stone curlew or the common shag. Besides all kinds of birds, it is not rare to find animals such as turtles and hedgehogs.

Regarding flora, you can see trees like the holm oak, the wild olive grove and, if you decide to travel to Mallorca in February, you will see the almond tree bloom. You can also find a great variety of plants: the orchid, the lavender, the rosemary, the sea daffodil, etc.


Mallorca: place of contrasts

You can see all kinds of landscapes in the Park. You can find arid surroundings that contrast with humid zones.

You can marvel at the walls built following the dry stone technique, the terraced slopes, the lime ovens and the coal cellars.

Regarding the humid zones, the pond of Ses Fonts de n’Alís and the wetland of s’Amarador stand out for themselves.


Keep yourself active during your holidays in Mallorca

For those of you who want to travel to Mallorca and don’t want to rest all day in your holiday villa, the Mondragó Natural Park offers you the possibility to do different routes, walking or cycling, to s’Amarador or to the viewpoint of Ses Fonts de n’Alís.


You don’t have to give up anything in your trip to Mallorca

If you are one of those people who want to be sunbathing all day long and swimming in clear turquoise waters when you want to cool off, do not worry. The Mondragó Natural Park is near the Mondragó beach. Why choosing between sea and mountain when you can have it all?


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