Holidays in Pollença: Sea and Swimming pool

August 06, 2017
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When you are planning your trip to Mallorca, there is one thing you should take for granted, and that is renting a villa to spend your holidays in Pollença.


Villas in Pollença: holidays however and whenever I want

In our villa in Pollença, you will be comfortable and will get flexibility. It is like being at your own house, where you can do what you want when you want. In a holiday villa, you don’t have to follow a schedule set up by another person, like you would in a hotel.


Enjoying your private swimming pool is a luxury

We must acknowledge it, the hotels with a swimming pool are better as a concept than in real life. Swimming pools are always crowded; you can’t even try to crawl. Moreover, overcrowded swimming pools ─let’s be honest─ affect the hygiene and its general preservation.

However, if you rent a villa with a swimming pool in Mallorca, you will enjoy swimming not only during the day but under the moonlight too.

Furthermore, most of the villas are next to the sea. So if one day you want to go to the beach, you just have to walk outside.


Your own kitchen

“Kitchen” is a word we don’t think of when preparing your trips. Big mistake.

During holidays, schedules are meant to not be followed, and that allows us to forget about daily routines with timetables. Hotels, with their meal schedules become a huge encumbrance when enjoying freely our holidays in Mallorca. Have breakfast; lunch and dinner when you want to, you are on holidays for a reason!

Moreover, many villas offer catering services. Another perk you should take into account!


Move around your villa in Pollença

After being squeezed in the airplane, even if it’s in a super luxurious seat, the last thing you want is to get inside a hotel room or a tiny apartment. However, in your holiday villa, you will be able to move everywhere from the big rooms to your own private garden.


One last advice

When you arrive to your villa in Pollença, get to the garden, breathe deeply and let the aroma of the amazing holidays sink in.


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