August 03, 2015
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Mallorcan cuisine is one of the highlights of a holiday on the island.

Ensaimada and sobrasada (a sweet pastry and a type of cold meat) are the two most famous products of the Balearic gastronomy, but these islands offer a wide variety of local dishes.

The basic ingredients of Mallorcan cuisine are part of the so-called Mediterranean diet: vegetables, fish, and olive oil, of course.

Here are some examples that you can try during your stay in Mallorca:

First courses. Perhaps the most representative is Mallorcan sopes, a mixture of pork and vegetables in broth, absorbed by very thin slices of bread.

Another traditional dish appreciated by visitors is tumbet: fried eggplants, peppers and potatoes topped with a garlic tomato sauce.

Arròs brut, a soupy rice dish with vegetables and pork, is always present in Mallorcan family celebrations.

The most typical main courses include roast suckling pig and lamb, and our baked grouper is highly recommended and appreciated by lovers of fresh fish.

Desserts: for those with a sweet-tooth, we recommend coca de patata, a potato sponge cake. Almond gató is also a delicious traditional dessert, often served with ice cream. Other typical desserts are greixonera de brossat (cheese cake) or buñuelos (a kind of artisanal deep-fried doughnut).

During your stay with us in one of our villas, be sure to taste these typical delicacies in the best restaurants in the Pollença area.

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