October 28, 2015
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The Port of Pollença is, and has been since the early 20th century, a place of inspiration for artists and tourists from around the world.

The promenade of the Port of Pollença is also known by the local residents as the "Moll" (pier in Mallorcan). In the early 20th century, the Port of Pollença was formed mainly by groups of fishermen’s houses. With the arrival of the first tourists to the area, along with the earliest renown artists, tourism establishments began to open, consolidating the Port of Pollensa as a small urban centre.

Currently, the Port of Pollensa is an ideal place to enjoy a quiet holiday, a place that is able to combine respect for the environment and tourism.

The Port of Pollença promenade offers first-line views of a long stretch of beaches that starts in the Colom promenade, continues across the Moll and reaches the Albufera, to continue deep into the nearby town of Alcudia.

During your walk, you’ll find the amazingly quiet and relaxing area along Vora Mar, where the pine trees overlook the sea.

In contrast to the quiet natural environment, you will find the Yacht Club’s modern building. The Club Nàutic Port de Pollença was established in 1961 by a group of twenty-five members chaired by Javier Marichalar (Marquis of Ciria), and in 1993 HM the King granted it it’s royal title.

We also suggest you visit the military airbase facility dating back to 1937. The Bay of Pollença was used as a base for Italian seaplanes in the twenties, and it currently houses seaplanes used in fire-fighting.

Stay at one of our villas in the Pollença area and enjoy a nice stroll!

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