Joan Miró and Mallorca

April 06, 2016
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It is no secret to anyone that the Catalán Joan Miró chose the calm island to enjoy much of his life. There he set up his personal workshops where the painter  became inspired and gave free reign to his imagination to create sculptures and paintings.

His relationship with Mallorca started in the cradle. His mother, Dolors Ferrá was Mallorcan (daughter of a Mallorcan father and mother), and it was this extremely close family link that made Joan begin his relationship with the island, spending every summer of his childhood on it. Since he was a small child, Joan showed signs of interest and talent in painting, considering that it is known the he enjoyed drawing landscapes during their summer holidays, including drawings of the Llotja and the Bellver Castle.

Miró felt profoundly linked to Mallorca, considering he considered it a place where he could be inspired and imbibe nature without it being too polluted or overcrowded. Miró didn't know that in the late sixties the tourist boom would come.

During the Summer of 1929 his ties with Mallorca stretched even further with his commitment to the Mallorcan woman Pilar Juncosa, who he married on the 12th of October of that same year. During that time Miró spent time in Paris, where he confessed to find a great part of his inspiration to create his masterpieces, and also short periods of time on the island, but the Nazi bombings forced him to make a permanent move to Mallorca. It was during that time when he created his famous collection, Constellations, a collection of 23 paintings of small dimensions characterized by the large presence and representation of women, birds, and stars.

In 1954 Joan Miró and Pilar Juncosa officially established their residence in Palma and it was just a few years later, in 1956 when the painter fulfilled his dream of having his own space to create freely. This is how and when the Joan Miró workshop was founded in Palma. After sharing this historical introduction on Joan Miró, we have a place  to suggest visiting where you can still experience his essence.

Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation

It is set up to be place of unique cultural interest, considering that the idea is that it´s not only a museum but also a place where you can observe the place of inspiration and creation (the workshop) of the artist. Through the contemplation of tools, paintings and works on display in the shop, the visitor can get an idea of what the atmosphere that invaded Miró during his creative process was like. In 1992 a building designed by the architect Rafael Moneo was added as headquarters of the foundation.

We recommend you visit their website to be up to date on things like their temporary exhibitions and recreational and cultural activities that take place, especially for children.

What: Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation.

When: from Tuesday to Saturday from 10h to 19h; Sundays and holidays from 10h to 15pm.

How much: 6 euros.

Where: Carrer de Saridakis, 29 07015 Palma.


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